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Coronavirus Hysteria vs Common Sense

UGH…Where to begin? Oh I know, how about common sense! First of all, you must accept that the mainstream news is not going to provide you with news that can help you until it’s too late. The news is designed to report things ‘as they happen’ i.e. after the fact. This virus is reported to have a 5 day incubation period which means you can be infected and not show symptoms for 5 days. The bad news it has a high rate of transmission R0 2 to 4 depending who you ask. Good news, it’s easy to avoid and if you catch it, there is a 3% to 5% fatality rate. Babies and the sick and elderly are at most risk. Here’s a simple list to help you stay safe and keep your family and those around you healthy. Please read it and enjoy the rest of your miserable lives:

• Masks don’t help. If you need to travel or go to public places by emergency, wear respirators and gloves at a minimum, if possible mask and respirator with body suit.

• Travel. Airports and airplanes are the vectors for transmission of all kinds of germs. Wash your hands and don’t pick your nose if you must travel. But if you made vacation plans don’t cancel. You’ll be fine!

• Learn and understand. Organizations such as the WHO, CDC and others are not always ahead of the information curve. If they were, there would be no Pandemics. Governments also may disseminate information as it benefits them, especially those in countries like China where they explicitly control the media. What’s on the News is ‘reporting’ of what’s happened but it’s typically a slice of what’s going on inside of a big information cake.

• Develop alternative information sources. Don’t rely on TV and if you insist on watching TV, develop alternative information sources. Stay away from CNN at all costs!

• Stay healthy. A virus is an attack on your immune system, the more healthy you are, the more likely you are to survive. Eating as much organic foods as possible, taking vitamins like C, Zinc, D3, BComplex, and others cannot hurt. Avoiding unhealthy junk foods, fried foods, potato chips, sodas, and other useless junk can only help.

• Avoid public places. The benefit of living in today’s world is you can online deliver what you need, and go out only as needed. If you work from an office, try going early to avoid crowds. Leave late, and avoid contact with others. Who knows who was just in London, who meet someone from China.

• Drink up! As Homer Simpson says, “Beer, the cause and cure of all of lives problems.”

Happy Spring! Chaunce Hayden Publisher

MN Magazine

MN Magazine

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