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PASTELS This season, few trends challenge guys to try something new, experiment, even get a scared like wearing pastels. Get these faded, chalky hues favoured by everyone from Tom Ford to Topman right, you look look like 1980s Miami Vice.

Apply a color — such as mint green or dusty pink — to a single piece (sweatshirts, denim jackets and sneakers being the most wearable) anchored by a dark staples before progressing to tonal looks

OPEN COLLARS What to wear when it can be either hot or cold, monsoon or drought? The key is the perfect layering piece. You already know (we hope) that a light jacket is invaluable, but so too is the open collar shirt. It will layer wonderfully with both casual jackets and tailoring but it also possesses the very important quality of looking far superior to the pique buttoned polo in almost all instances.

TONAL LAYERING It’s not really rocket science this one. It’s spring, so opting for a layered outfit is a wise choice as it is, just ensure each of the layers, and maybe the trousers too, are in different shades of the same color. Grey is a good place to start – you might wear a gray marl T-shirt, a dark gray overshirt and a charcoal parka, or perhaps you want to opt for beige or stone. Look to Burberry for that, which sent a bunch of models down its recent runways in various shades of granny’s favorite color.

RUGBY SHIRTS & STREET PREPPY Rugby shirts have been a cornerstone of preppy fashion for decades, but they haven’t been as evergreen in mainstream menswear as stablemates like varsity jackets or penny loafers. This season, their colorful, flattering stripes are everywhere – mainly because the obsession with nineties-style sportswear is going nowhere. This is preppy dressing gone a little bit urban and streetwear, so ditch your old man’s quilted jacket and bootcut jeans.

DENIM REDONE Designers are ripping up the blueprint laid out by Levi Strauss more than 165 years ago for a different take on the tough stuff.

Colored, painted and embroidered denim isn’t about to replace plain washes in the menswear hall of fame, but they do prove there’s life in the old denim dog yet. Meanwhile, you only need to look at the neatly cut co-ord sets making tracks to see that, in 2020, streetwear is every bit as sleek as Savile Row.

RAVE WEAR Simply put, rave wear is a heady combination of athleisure and the garish patterns of hippie counterculture, mainly tie-dye which has gone from dusty passme-down to one of the key patterns to look for this year.

This bold combination has attracted many an admiring glance from the current streetwear pack who have repurposed it for the modern day bringing back the period’s bucket hats and windbreakers.

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