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“IT WAS ALL BULLSHIT” – President Trump

As a journalist it’s hard not to get caught up in the Trump vs liberal America narrative. It’s fascinating to observe such a cantankerous period in our nation’s history. Yes, I’m an “always” Trumper, but my political pro right wing, conservative, republican support took time to grow and take root. After all, I know Donald Trump. Not figuratively but literally… I know Donald Trump. I hung out with him in his 5th Avenue office several times over the years and shared stories about our late night debauchery. My stories are epic, but the stories that came from our current President’s mouth were jaw dropping impressive.

So when Trump announced he was running to become our next Commander-inChief I had to laugh. What? No fucking way! This is one of his best publicity stunts of all time! I couldn’t wait to share the joke with him. That was 4 years ago. I’m no longer laughing but I am most definitely smiling.

I watched in awe as my old friend took a limping American economy and transformed it from a financial disaster into a respected and rightfully feared global giant. Of course I understand why people may hate his guts just like I understood why people hated Howard Stern’s guts before he morphed into a Hollywood actress. But love him or hate him Trump has our attention. CNN groans and FOX News winks as the stock market soars, unemployment shrinks and American pride spreads across the nation under the leadership of Trump. Some of you are repulsed by Trump’s unorthodox methods. He is not a politician and that scares you. You dispise him because he’s not a robot that says what we expect a President to say on cue. You denounce him because you don’t like his physical presence and the language that he uses. You just hate him because he’s easy to hate. I get it. However, the reason Trump is now President Trump is because “he’s not” a politician. He’s not a robot and he’s not always a nice guy. In fact, I hope the White House is never again occupied by a career politician

Last week Donald J. Trump was acquitted of the two articles of impeachment that the liberal left thought would drag America back to where they want us… vulnerable and weak. Clear thinking proud American people have used the impeachment fiasco as a symbolic patriotic steroid. We are a stronger country and more united than ever before thanks to Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler and the rest of the Washington anti-Trump mob. The failed democratic coup forever will be remembered for what it was… A political act of terrorism

I’m proud to be a supporter of our President, I’m proud to be a veteran and I’m proud to be American.

I hope one day I have the opportunity to once again sit across from President Trump, shake his hand and say “Thank you.”

Trump 2020

Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Chaunce Hayden


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MN Magazine

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