NASJA Winter Meeting at Windham Mountain

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What’s in an acronym? As a snowsport journalist for over twenty five years, I’ve been a member of a couple of them– ESWA (Eastern Ski Writer’s Association) and later after a merging of the two organizations, NASJA (North American Snowsports Journalists Association). But to be honest, I only see some of my fellow members at events that usually do not involve actual skiing, ie: industry seminars and media gatherings. But the association holds meetings/trips at various ski resorts throughout each season and many times I have stewed with jealous rage knowing I could not attend them.

However, when an invitation came to attend the NASJA Winter Meeting at Windham Mountain this year I jumped on it. Heck, it was close enough to home and I would get a chance to hang with some of the members I had not previously met. Also, I had not skied Windham in many years and always loved it so it was totally great to get back up there and to see what had changed since my last visit.

Windham’s Senior Manager of Communications and Marketing Becky Pine hosted our group on day one and their Director of Sales and Marketing Dave Kulis hosted us the second day. Dave was even able to get out and cut some turns with our group. One of NASJA’s former Presidents Martin Griff organized this great event and he also held a presentation on day two of how to take and organize photos. The shot of him here behind me was not planned but I think it turned out pretty cool.

Becky and Dave schooled us on Windham’s substantial upgrades which included their brand new logo, the relocating of a high speed quad, the installation of a high speed six-pack and their awesome indoor SkyTechSport simulator. The skiing/riding simulator was a gift from The Ford Motor Company to the Adaptive Sports Foundation. Windham splits the money the simulator brings in with the Foundation since the mountain built the brand new building that houses this cool piece of equipment. It took me a while to get comfortable with not holding on to the rail but once I did, it was a blast to wail down an unending slalom trail at over 70 virtual miles an hour!

NASJA member Jeff Rich, cofounder of Masterfit University/ Masterfit Enterprises, owner of NYC’s US Orthotic Center, and Marc Stewart, Masterfit University Senior Instructor and head bootfitter at Windham Mountain Sports provided an informative seminar on how to properly fit a boot to your foot. I learned a lot about boot fitting that I previously did not know.

Lucky for me fellow NASJA member Steve Cohen who is the Masterfit CEO/Buyers Guide Publisher & Editor ( buyersguide) hooked me up with a pair of their Masterfit EZ Fit QF Snow Insoles. Replacing the stock, wafer-thin inserts my Fisher boots had with these made an immediate difference in my heel-feel. I enjoyed way better control of my skis with these babies under my feet. Check out for more information on these transformative insoles.

You can also check out this killer video that NASJA member Don Burch made of our trip at:

So what’s in an acronym? In NASJA’s case it’s a lot of amazing, talented, welcoming and like-minded writers! Oh, and they can ski and board pretty darn well too! I am so proud to be a part of this great group of journalists and can’t wait until the next time I can join them on another adventure!

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