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IT’S A GIVEN: During intercourse if a women isn’t ready yet, you can push all you want… you’re not getting in!


1. The tunnel is one of the busiest roadways in the world. It is 1.5 miles long and 95 feet at it’s deepest section with approximately 120,000 thousand cars, 1,700 buses that pass through daily. (hope you got your rubbers on)

2. There’s been a current shift in the Hudson River due to the construction of the Battery Park City. It’s currently removed 25% of soil sitting on certain top sections on the tunnel since 2009. Needles to say what that can lead to! (better get those wipers changed)

3. Special Olympics of NJ are one of the very few functions where the tunnel is actually shut down for pedestrians for a 5 Kilometer race to raise money for charity. I’m sure it’s probably one of the quickest races around due to 25% dirt erosion. (WTF)

4. The railings on the inside of the tunnel are not for show. Traffic was monitored by Policeman using catwalk cars in the 1950’s for safety reasons. (I’m too sexy)

5. During the rail workers strike of 1971 the circus was coming to town for a big show. But the show must go on causing many animals to have to walk to the Garden. 19 elephants, a zebra, a llama, and a pony to be exact. (Oh and don’t forget the bearded lady “Aunt Nussbaum”)


Always loosing things like keys, wallet, your girlfriend? Well then this little gadget may help you out with finding things (except your girlfriend, that’s stalking). 

By clipping on your Tile Ring onto your things using your smart phone to make your tile ring when you misplace your items within 150 feet Bluetooth range. Find your phone, can’t find your phone? Simply double press the Tile button on your Tile to make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent. The New Tile Sticker sticks to virtually anything. This small, waterproof Bluetooth tracker has an adhesive back, 3 year battery life and 150 feet range; It provides effortless, long term convenience of staying organized. (Please Ring Your Thing Responsibly)


Who is the youngest girl in the world that ever won a World Skating Title, Tara Lipinski that’s who! I was watching her on TV on New Years Eve and fell head over heels during the program who I’ve never seen before. A little research and here we go. Born in 1982 Tara is an American former competitive  figure skater, actor, and sports commentator. A former competitor in ladies’ singles, she is the 1998 Olympic champion, the 1997 World champion, a two-time  Champion Series Final  champion. A Philly native, then a New Jerseyian, this young lady has definitely  taken this Olympic sport to the max. World skating, Grand Prix skating and even appearing in Sports Illustrated, Family Guy and even our own “Man Cave”! Lipinski has appeared on several television sitcoms such as Malcom in the Middle, Who’s Line Is it Anyway, 7th Heaven and the list goes on. Not sure about anyone else but one smile and I’m totally hooked with this superstar.


Besroy, Zune, and EST companies have created and by far exceeded all expectations of some of the coolest and sharpest tools I have ever seen. The ultimate survival shovels on the planet. Created in high strength manganese steel alloy. Shovel board 0.25cm/0.1 inch thickness, strong enough to endure the toughest conditions.    Digging, sawing, chopping,  taking care of neighbors,  cutting, picking, prying, hammering, bottle opening, and shoveling. High quality steel material, can even  peel  any animal skin.  Small folding size with storage bag  included in most the kits with a variety of functional handles. You  can be put one  in  your backpack with the blade covered of course. The adventures in life always come down to how well you are prepared. These shovels can dig you out of any shit hole. Shop around, but usually found on Amazon for several hundred dollars. (Please Dig Deep Responsibly)

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