Incredibly I’ve managed to have great success as an entertainment journalist

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I’ve been alive during the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and now 10s….
Christ, I’m old. But it’s been these past 10 years that have meant so
much to me on a professional level.

Incredibly I’ve managed to have great success as an entertainment
journalist beginning with my first deadline 30 years ago. For the first
20 years I had a front row seat to the biggest names and stories one
could imagine. I appeared as a regular guest on The Howard Stern
Show, CNN, Fox News, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood
and a dozen other mainstream media outlets. I even managed to
wrangle my way into a gossip column for the Daily News called Hot
Copy with my pal and gossip icon AJ Benza. In fact, one might argue
that in 1998 I hosted the first ever podcast “The Chaunce Hayden
Show” for the now defunct

Indeed, the first 20 years could be a movie complete with strip
clubs, drugs, mobsters, Hollywood, rockstars and a bit of fame. Yet
it’s been the past 8 years that have meant the most to me. When
I started Metropolis Nights in 2012 nobody thought I would last 3
months. Even I had my doubts.
But look how far this glossy has come! I’m proud of myself and I’m
not shy to admit it. Add to the fact that my commute is 5,000 miles
from Dublin to New Jersey and I still have never missed a deadline
since my first interview with a rising Irish singing sensation named
Sinead O’Connor.

So here we are heading into 2020 and I’m still proudly standing
and I owe it all to my advertisers who are so loyal and believe in the
product I publish each and every month. I also wouldn’t be writing
this letter without my co-publisher Jairo Arias and staff, Alan Tecchio,
Nikki Rose, Otto D., Angela Pompelli-Butler, Amanda-Kathryn
Barandas and of course the best magazine designer in the business
Mark McNabb.
Thank you all and happy New Year!

Chaunce Hayden

MN Magazine

MN Magazine

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