I have a lot to be thankful for these days

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I have a lot to be thankful for these days. My life has been one hell of a wild ride and I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I also have had an enormous amount of fun as well. Would I change anything? No. 

Sure I’ve sat down with over 3000 of the world’s most fascinating people. Yes, I was a part of the Howard Stern Show (When people actually listened). I also had a gossip column in the New York Daily News, appeared regularly on FOX News, CNN and Entertainment Tonight. In 1999 I was on the air hosting a new thing called “Internet Radio” which would later morph into what would become podcasts. I published a remarkably successful local magazine, walked away from it after 20 years and without missing a week did it again with an even more successful magazine!  I’m told I have a great book inside of me and one day if my memory stays intact I’ll share it all with the world. 

However, I have one more goal in life before I say good night. One more accomplishment that has become my most challenging of all and that’s raising my 7 year old daughter. It’s definitely hard work and I make a lot of mistakes, but of all I’ve experienced during my crazy life nothing comes close to being a dad….for this I am truly grateful!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Chaunce Hayden: Publisher

MN Magazine

MN Magazine

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