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With the holidays around the corner and Santa Claus ho, ho, hoing here are some festive gifts ideas for your lover. Naughty or nice, there is something for everyone.


If you’ve been naughty or just like to be naughty here are some gift ideas for you: Get some handcuffs and a blindfold and keep your lover hostage. By doing this you have the control to do whatever you want or do not want to your lover.

Dual vibrators are also some of couple’s favorite toys. This make sure both parties are taken care of at the same time. Try something like a vibrating penis ring. These tend to work well for men and women alike. Watch some sexy videos, whether homemade or straight off the rack, this can be a mood setter for everyone.  If you don’t have anything readily available, make your own movie!!!!

For the naughtier and more creative, you can use whips, chains and gags. A little SNM, “pain for pleasure” never hurt anybody and will definitely raise the excitement bar in the bedroom.


For the nice ones out there that just like some mild spice in their life, here are a few ideas: Flavored lubricant is always fun. I usually go with a waterbased one, less sticky and safe to use with condoms. Try flavors like cherry, watermelon or grape. Try a warming candle. There are candles out there that are candles to enhance the mood, but turn into warming massage oil that can be used on both partners in the heat of the moment. It works great to get things started. Edible panties are also a go to in the bedroom. Not only does it set the stage for oral pleasure, it heats up the excitement for both of you. Tastes great and edible too. Get a new toy. Something simple and easy to use, but does the trick. Try a pocket rocket for the ladies, and a Pocket p***y for the guys.

Some stocking stuffers that might be a great treat for a romantic holiday evening.

  • • Blindfold
  • • Sexy dice game
  • • Coupon book that provides sexual favors
  • • Sexy underwear
  • • Some pheromone based perfume or body spray
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