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To never eat warm tuna off the food truck on Fridays!


If you’ve got an extremely large mansion like I don’t and you find yourself in and out of WIFI range like I do, let’s introduce you to Plume SuperPods. Unlike some products, the SuperPods do much more than simply boost your Wi-Fi coverage. Using the excellent Plume smartphone app you can decide who can connect to the network, when and with what devices. You can also protect the network from cyberattacks using the company’s cloud-based software as well as remove ads from Internet content using the built-in ad blocker.

Plume recommends one SuperPod for every two rooms, ideally away from external walls to maximize Wi-Fi signal. Alternatively you can use one device to cover a larger space such as a living room or dining room. Designed to plug into any main socket, these sturdy units incorporate two LAN (Ethernet) ports and a small barely-visible light on the front indicating the device’s status. But like all luxury items, it comes with a price. With all this functionality you will need to fork out an additional $60.00 for the annual membership on top of the $199 for the actual product after the free first 12 month trial period.


Not too long ago in a land far, far away called Wildwood. I was at an event called “The Race Of Gentleman”. An extremely cool event where drag racing on the beach (anything 1930’s and earlier) was the name of the game. The evening festivities where taken charge by my brother OX who swore that the gentleman that was about to perform would change my music experience forever. And shit sure enough behold BLOODSHOT BILL appeared on this sandy beach stage. At first I wasn’t sure but as soon as he hit his first note, well we all knew we where about to take off. Speechless with a huge grin on my face Bill performed with energy beyond a Jesus revival! He is blues, rockabilly, rock n roll all rolled into one bursting flame of nitro with the need to hear more. I personally was hooked immediately and have been following him since. Last I saw him I purchased every 45 record he had (over 30). From Montreal, Bloodshot has been playing in North America and Europe non stop and has no signs of slowing down. I’m a huge fan and you should be too, so get some fucking balls and tune in! (Please Bloodshot Responsibly)


Thanksgiving is the most dysfunctional family day of all time. It’s that day when you get all your crazy  family members  together. Drinking too much  and spilling the proverbial beans about some shit that went south 20 years ago. The story goes that settlers came and made peace with the natives of the land, and settled. Well that my readers is bullshit, I have my own version…I say the settlers came over and ate the natives of the land and then settled! Think of some major true facts about the holiday, the very first meal took three days to cook and eat. That’s a lot of bird and how about that stuffing? I’m not sure how a turkey got involved in this scenario either. I mean think about it, how many of these poor ugly birds are cooked in the name of breaking bread with family that you don’t want to see once a year? Now don’t misunderstand me, breaking bread with family is definitely everything in life. But truthfully if you love your family then everyday should be a thanksgiving dinner, turkey or not. (Please Yard Bird Responsibly)


It’s not every mans fault that he’s hairy, it usually runs on the your mothers side. But it is a mans fault if he doesn’t properly groom. It’s not just for yourself but it’s for the respect of not making everyone around you want to vomit! We came across a quick and “painless” way of taking care of all that unwanted back hair. The Grishkes PainFree Back Shaver is an inexpensive way of self grooming and taking care of your business. It’s designed to effortlessly and gently glide through thick or thin patches of back hair and body hair. First simply shave through extra thick or coarser areas of hair growth on your back. You will Never need to ask for anyone’s help to remove your back hair again. Some interesting features are: • Curved Feature For Easy Reach • Smooth Painless Shave • Suitable For Wet Or Dry Shave • Replaceable Blades Available


While on the subject of dysfunctional family day, lets get some facts straight about this dam ugly bird that everyone will be celebrating with. Domestic turkeys come from the Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo), a species that is native only to the Americas. In the 1500s, Spanish traders brought some that had been domesticated by indigenous Americans to Europe and Asia. The Wild Turkey is one of just two species of turkey in the world. The other is the Ocellated Turkey of Mexico and Central America. This turkey is has iridescent plumage of blue, green, and bronze, and a featherless powder-blue head speckled with red and orange fleshy nodules. Males possess a unique cap-like crown that enlarges during breeding season. They make a whistling noise instead of the clucks and gobbles of the Wild Turkey (just like my X-wife).  Either way baked or fried these are birds are good eating!

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