Spice it up on Halloween!

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With Halloween right around the corner, we are all getting ready to dress up! For one night, we have fun and be someone we are not for a few hours. Why leave it to just Halloween or trick or treating to do this when you can do it all year round and in the bedroom too!

Plenty of married couples engage in role-play as one aspect of their lovemaking. Spouses act out scenarios ranging from average activities, while others dress up as someone that can let it all out! The role-play could include costume pieces or the whole nine yards of tights, cape, and boots and makeup. Casting yourself in a different role from time to time can add a playful dimension to your lovemaking.

You may be dressing up and pretending to be someone you are not, do not forget to be you. You should still be you and having sex with your spouse or significant other. Sexual intimacy is about two unique people connecting physically and relationally. If you fantasize about something or someone else, you are bringing it into the bedroom with you. Be you-in-costume and interact as yourself.

Make it a treat. If you need to constantly wear a costume or role play in the bedroom for one or both of you to become aroused, that could be a problem. Sexual intimacy in marriage can include a variety of experiences, but you should be able to sexually engage as a couple without a prop department. How often you do dress up in costume is up to you as a couple, but it can certainly be a treat that you engage in when looking for extra spice in the bedroom.

Always realize that although this type of dressing up is fun and different, remember you are always enough. If your husband wants you to dress up, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t satisfied with you as you are and putting on a costume doesn’t mean that your husband wants someone else. He chose you and is with you. Assuming it’s not a regular or persistent request, consider it a playful and provocative experience to dress up for him.

Happy Halloween!!!

Kisses, Angela

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