Does The G-spot Exist?

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One of the most frequently asked sexual questions is where is a woman’s g-spot! Sounds like an easy question…right? Wrong! It is almost like the 8th wonder of the world. It’s complicated, not easy to find and many ask if it even exists. If are one of those people men or women alike that just needs to know, let me make it easy for you.

The G-spot is a patch that’s located around two to three issues inside the vagina on the front of the vaginal wall (meaning the side towards the stomach, not the butt). This patch feels slightly thicker, ridged, and spongey.  The best way to find it is with your finger in a “come here” motion. Once you’ve found it, you can assess how it feels. For some it can be mind-blowing, for others, not so much.   If you are still unsure if you’ve located it or not, start experimenting and your lover will certainly let you know.

Another way to find the G-spot is during intercourse. You can stick a pillow under the woman’s butt, which can help the penis to stroke the G-spot during missionary, or you can use your finger in that “come here” motion while also using the penis for double the pleasure.

Instead of being its own separate spot in your vagina, the G spot is part of your clitoral network. This means that when you’re stimulating the G spot, you’re actually stimulating part of the clitoris, which is much larger than we’re led to believe. Turns out, the pea-sized section where the inner labia meet is actually only the tip of the clitoris.  This region can also vary from woman to woman which explains why it can often be difficult to locate. However, once it’s stimulated, the G spot can cause female ejaculation (yes, it’s real) and help women reach vaginal orgasm. If all else fails, there are always toys that will help you locate the G-spot. If your lover or you can’t find it then I suggest getting a toy that can. There is actually a toy called a G-spot vibrator that will get the job done with no hassle. Not to mention, you can order it from Amazon and it will be delivered to your door the next day. It really can’t get much easier than that to find your G-Spot!

Kisses, Angela

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