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The 2nd Amendment and Common Sense…


During colonial times, each colony relied on armed citizens to defend against aggression from Native Americans and the French. Men were generally required to own at least one firearm for this purpose and to have a firearm on their person at all times; in some places, this included a mandate that guns be brought everywhere, including to church. When an organized fighting force was needed, each colony had its own militia made up of part-time citizen-soldiers that were called to action and disbanded as needed, and this militia was usually supported by private citizens carrying their own weapons. This tradition continued into the American Revolution, where the new, centralized Continental Army was heavily supplemented by local and state militias armed with privately-owned weapons. There were also no police forces in colonial times; policing was largely done by elected sheriffs and the local militia.

What became our second amendment is the result of the new nation deciding on the best way to defend itself now that the colonies had become the United States.

Because the second amendment explicitly defines the right to bear arms within the context of this empowerment of the militia, the capital-P “People” likely refers to the Nation when acting in its own self-defense, and the “right to bear arms” was most likely understood to be a collective right. It’s saying The Nation can not allow itself to be disarmed, because the Nation needs to defend itself. Private gun ownership among certain people was assumed by the founding fathers to the circumstances of the time, but the right to bear and shoot those guns is firmly and explicitly confined to the context of the defense of the Nation….NOT MODERN DAY 2019 AMERICA!!!

President Trump must ban all guns that are designed for mass killings and he must do it now. He will lose the 2020 election for doing it, but it will be the greatest thing he’s ever done and he’ll be remembered for all the lives be saved.


Chaunce Hayden

MN Magazine

MN Magazine

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