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20 Random Thoughts

1. The Yankees are beyond amazing and the Mets suck elephant nuts. All is right with the world.
2. Jim Bouton, the former Yankee and author of the best seller “Ball Four” has died. He was 80.
3. Donald Trump, as crazy as he may be, continues to do great things for America. I like the guy.
4. I’ll never need anything better than the iPhone 7 Plus.
5. Howard Stern at 65 years old just makes me sad. Nothing is funny or interesting anymore.
6. One beer makes me drunk. One shot of tequila makes me forget. One shot of vodka makes me get naked.
7. Summer is half over.
8. It’s been years since I’ve had intercourse….. YEARS!
9. Number 8 was way TMI.
10. MN Magazine keeps getting better.
11. The thought that there’s a heaven and hell seems rather silly.
12. I still don’t understand Bitcoins. Do you? Does anyone?
13. I’m 99 percent sure Bill Clinton is a pedophile. I’m 100 percent sure Michael Jackson was.
14. Every goldfish I buy my daughter dies in 3 days. Now we only have invisible fish.
15. I clean my toilet bowl every night before I go to bed in case I die in my sleep. Weird phobia.
16. I’m physically sickened by AOC.
17. I find Megan Rapinoe to be obnoxious and remarkably unlikeable.
18. I have a freakishly obsessive crush on ABC Eyewitness News anchor Liz Cho. Oh, like you don’t!
19. I’ve never been to Vegas.
20. Did I mention MN Magazine keeps getting better? Sorry, I’m getting old.


Have a great summer everyone!
Chaunce Hayden

MN Magazine

MN Magazine

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