Returning The Favor

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If I do something for my lover it is because I know he will enjoy it and I want to give him that satisfaction.

Everyone wants to be treated equally! That goes for in the bedroom too! Most couples find the time to have sex when and where they can get it and sometimes do not take the time to make sure each other is satisfied. I know a lot gets in the way of making it count every time, but it is important to make sure the favor is reciprocated most of the time. If a man is the only one to cum during sex, the likely hood of the woman wanting to have sex all the time becomes slim to none. It can also go the other way around. You have to make sure if you are being satisfied that you are also doing the satisfying. Although I do not engage in sex with my partner on a “tit for tat” basis, wanting to please your partner should go both ways. If I do something for my lover it is because I know he will enjoy it and I want to give him that satisfaction. I am also aware that if he really enjoys it and has an
orgasm, he may be down for the count. Many men, after an orgasm, have zero energy and no interest in anything except sleep at that moment. Now, that does not mean that I would be happy or content if every time we had sex, he “got his” and then went to sleep. I think that would be rude and selfish and not at all acceptable. Thankfully, he likes to please me too, so I don’t ever have a feeling of being neglected. With that said, he better bring it next time and make sure I orgasm multiple times. It can’t be one sided and must go both ways or someone will always end up un happy and it’s a downward spiral from there. If you are tired and don’t feel like finishing the job, try a toy, lube or a porno or something that will make your job a little easier. If you are really up for it, go for a simultaneous orgasm! This gives you the best of both worlds. You both cum at the same time. It is a little harder to achieve and may be few and far between that it happens, but when it all “cums” together, it’s a thing of beauty! Yes simultaneous orgasm is totally possible, but takes a lot of work. For the most part the man will have to hold out until the woman is ready and then let it go. It sounds easy, but it’s not what it looks like in the movies.



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