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A few months back I had to decline an invite to a four-day ride to West Virginia with some riding buddies of mine– Mike, Sam and Greg. The fact was I was light on cash and even with these generous friends offering to pay for my room I could not swing it.
Fast-forward through a few productive months at work and the same riding buddies reached out again but this time for just a nice, scenic one-day ride. Needless to say, I was in! The only question was, where would be the best area to ride sweet, curvy roads– NJ, NY or PA? We couldn’t decide so we chose all three!

Some riders are of the opinion that you have to ride a long way just to find good roads in NJ. WRONG! Our group met up on Route 15 in Lafayette which is barely a half hour from my house. From there we rode up Route 206 through Port Jervis and then up 42 to Route 97 alongside the Delaware River. That stretch of road is so picturesque, curvaceous and fun, I could never tire of it. We experienced ideal conditions in the way of weather, plus a lack of traffic, wildlife and law enforcement, all of which are
very rare circumstances.

We decided to check out the original site of the 1969 Woodstock concert so we took a right turn onto Route 55 to head toward this
legendary Empire state spot. It was my first time on this hallowed ground and it was more spiritual than I expected. There was a giant “50” carved into the lawn to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the concert. The zero was in the shape of a Peace sign of course as those symbols can be found everywhere up there. After the four of us sang a little of “Heartbreak Hotel,” ala Spinal
Tap, we shot over to Big Kev’s BBQ food truck. Kev’s Que is most excellent and we filled our bellies but did not hang long.
After all, there were many more roads to ride! 300+ miles of them as it turned out.

Greg was astride his Honda Goldwing, Mike his Yamaha FJR1300 and Sam was on his Ducati Super Sport. I was riding
my trusty Yamaha FJ09 and we all took turns leading and following throughout the day. It’s great to know and trust who you ride with because you can predict each other’s riding habits. We ended up heading back to Route 97 a different way via Route 52 through Narrowsburg. Then we shot up toward Hancock, NY but crossed over into PA prior to that. Each road got better and
better and some of the environs even reminded me of the vast German countryside. We rode through countless forests with
lovely elevation changes, past a gazillion summer camps and almost as many farms. The last leg brought us down Old Mill
Rd which parallels the Delaware river on the Jersey side. The asphalt is pretty chewed up in spots which keeps the traffic
minimal but for long stretches it is actually very smooth and pleasurable.

So the moral of the story is that there are indeed many great roads you can ride in our area. The question now is, what are
you waiting for?!

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