Rapid Fire

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By Otto D

It’s a given
Just because your finger broke through the toilet paper, doesn’t mean you just got a piece of ASS!

Ice Scream, You Scream (and then someone calls the cops)

As I sit at my table and wonder what can I share with all my fans here in Man Cave land, and just like that an ice cream
truck came around the corner and a light bulb went off. I questioned myself on how the fuck did people eat ice cream
several hundred years ago barring the tales of wine and women. So a little chocolate and some sprinkles and this is
what I found..

When the Roman Emperor Nero wanted Italian ice, he ordered it the old-fashioned way, dispatching his servants to
fetch snow from mountain tops, wrap it in straw, and bring it back to mix with fruits and honey (good thing downhill is
faster). In the fourth century, the Japanese emperor Nintoku was so enamored with the frozen curiosity that he created
an annual Day of Ice, during which he presented ice chips to palace guests in an elaborate ceremony. Around the world,
monarchs in, India, and Arabia used flavored ices to liven up the extravagance at banquets, serving frosty bouquets
flavored with fruit pulp, syrup, and flowers, often the grand finale at feasts intended to impress. But it wasn’t until the
mid-16th century, when scientists in Italy discovered a process for on-demand freezing—placing a container of water in
a bucket of snow mixed with saltpeter that the ice cream renaissance truly began. By the time the 1800’s came around,
the ice cream delivery industry exploded. Companies began harvesting frozen rivers and transporting ice to homes. Technology evolved into certain hand cranking ice cream makers making it easier to just scoop at home. Pretty soon like crack
it was for sale on the street corners until finally the ultimate machine…”The Good Humor Truck”!

Harley’s Boom Box
Recently purchasing a 2018 Harley Davidson Street Glide, I’ve got the luxury to enjoy the state of art “BOOM BOX”.
The Boom is the main portal, the main hub where you get the pleasure of turning on your GPS to find your way to Vegas,
marry some stranger and find your way back home. You get the pleasure of setting up your Bluetooth directly to your
phone and listening to any selected style of music while you ride. If you have an XM account, plug rite in. Harley technology has seriously stepped up their game electronically. Voice recognition, teleprompter (with headset), command list, vehicle status, Citizen Band, and even an intercom in case you need to contact your passenger for a reach around. Most importantly a 911 number in case we run out of beer. I think it’s going to take me a few years to figure out all the functions but all said and done, it’s an honor to own such a bike and a big shouts to Harley Davidson…welcome to the future!
(Please Ride Responsibly).

Slane Irish Whiskey
Slane Castle, set in the middle of a 1,500 acre estate in the heart of the Boyne Valley, County Meath. Which lies only twenty-five
minutes from Dublin Airport and is the perfect venue to host your wedding, gala dinner, corporate function and yes also an outdoor venue that holds around 80 thousand people. Bands such as Thin Lizzy, U2, Bruce and coming very soon Metallica. Inside this real castle is where you can find their amazing distillery. A story very unique as Slane’s smooth and flavorful triple cask whiskey, Slane celebrates the return of exceptional Irish whiskey to Ireland’s Boyne Valley. Made by the barrel-raising art and whiskey-making expertise of the Brown Foreman Family (Jack Daniels) and born on the historic lands of the Conyngham Family. Slane is an award-winning blend that brings the legacies of two historic families together for generations to come.

Three Unique casks for an unreal experience!

Medium Char, Heavy Toast, Contributes Flavors of Toasted Oak, Vanilla.

Tennessee Whiskey and Bourbon Barrels, Contributes Flavors of Caramel, Plum, Banana, Butterscotch.

Oloroso Casks, Contributes Flavors of Raisin and Spice. (Please Whiskey Responsibly).

Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People 
Rapid-firing is a term used when a gun continuously fires until the trigger is let go. The first fast firing gun was invented in 1862 by a man named Gatling. This rapid-firing weapon was known as the Gatling gun. The first Gatling guns were used in the American Civil War. These guns were rapid-firing, but they depended on the arm of the operator to crank out the bullets.

In 1884, Hiram Maxim invented the first machine gun. This weapon used the recoil from one bullet to initiate the firing of the next bullet. A chain reaction of many shots followed. This process eliminated the need for an operator to crank out the ammunition. Hiram Maxim took his invention to military leaders in Great Britain. Unfortunately for the English, the military powers saw no need for such a weapon. They didn’t think this weapon even had a place in war. They dismissed Maxim, so he took his weapon to a country he thought would be willing to buy his product. He took it to Germany. The German army quickly saw the future of this weapon. By the beginning of World War I, they had produced 12,000 machine guns. By the end of the war, they had produced 100,000. Remembering the main rule of firearms is that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Moving forward 1914 is when momentum really began to pick up in the machine gun world. The most celebrated point was that the machine gun could fire 400 to 600 rounds of ammunition in just one minute. Compare this to the normal rifle which would produce perhaps two shots per minute. Then it had to be reloaded and aimed again. Historians have estimated that a machine gun could produce the fire power equal to somewhere between sixty and one hundred regular guns, held by one person. And if you can’t hit your target after 600 rounds…well then there are different issues to be addressed.
(Please Firearm Responsibly).


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