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While acting out your erotic mind, you can be anything or anyone you want.

This word may mean different things to different people, especially men vs. women. Women like to be taken care of, they like to take their time and not feel like a piece of meat while being seduced in the bedroom. In other words, not everyone wants a wham, bam thank you mam moment! Some lovers (mostly women) want to be loved and appreciated before they give themselves up. Most men will take it any way they can get it! Up, down or sideways! They don’t tend to care as much in the process and they like to just “do it”. This is coming from personal experience, which I am sure many of you can attest too. It’s hard to try to find that balance that works for both lovers, but it’s all about the foreplay.

Whether you are a rookie or an expert here some advice that will work for everyone.

Don’t just go through the motions, spice it up a bit! When it is expected or redundant, it’s boring. This does not apply strictly to sex itself, but this also goes for everything that leads up to it.

Emphasize eye contact. Eye contact can enhance passion. It shows your true care and love for each other and makes things a little more intense.

Get creative with touch. Don’t go with the same old hand moves, tongue moves etc. Change it up. Do something unexpected.
Something that will make your partner want to get it on!

Surprise their neck. Our neck is one of our most sensitive parts. Use it to your advantage. It’s an easy place to start and go up or down from there.

Talk naughty. It doesn’t always pay to be nice. Get a little naughty and talk up your fantasies with one another. Be someone you are not used to being and you will be warmed up in no time.

Kiss more intensely. Kissing is one of the most important forms of expression. This is where you want to be deeply passionate. Focus on the kissing. It will feel good to be kissed on every part of your body.

Speak to each other and entice each other throughout the day. Don’t wait till it’s time to have sex and then lay it on like a cheesy porn star. Use romantic and sexy innuendos throughout the day. Let your lover know you have them on your mind.

If these suggestions don’t get ready for some serious foreplay I don’t know what will! Follow these suggestions and always take your time when loving your partner. The added time and effort put into it will go a long way.


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