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Interesting….Howard Stern has been interviewed by dozens of media outlets to promote his new book. Each interview glorifies the new and improved Stern. He salts each interview with how he has apologized to all those A list stars he hurt and insulted for ratings.

He even whines that he was just about to apologize to Robin Williams before he killed himself. Hmmm… the one person Howard seems to have forgotten about is my soulmate Debbie Tay who died of a heroin overdose in 1996. Howard seems to still have no problem with opening her urn and laughing as he held up her bones on radio and TV in front of millions. “Hey Robin, you think this piece of bone is Debbie’s breast?” Forgot that one Howard? Oh wait, Debbie wasn’t a A lister. Sorry,
never mind. Congrats on the “new you”.

Yours truly,
Chaunce Hayden

MN Magazine

MN Magazine

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