MULTIPLE O’S Enjoy The Moments

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It’s great to be a lady Not only are we amazing creatures by habit, but we are the only species able to have multiple orgasms at the
same time. Medically speaking, multiple orgasms are a series of orgasms that occur in quick succession. And when it comes to
multiples, women have the biological upper hand over men. This is because unlike men, women don’t experience a refractory period, in plain English; the period of time after men ejaculate when they can’t be aroused. Women can and do respond immediately after an orgasm to additional clitoral, vaginal, and G-spot stimulation. Most men may not even realize that it is possible for a woman to achieve multiple orgasms and even if they do, most sure as hell don’t know how to make it happen. Here are a few tips that may help paint a clearer picture of what needs to be done to help a woman achieve multiple orgasms. First of all, we as women are extremely complicated creatures and sexual pleasure can become extremely difficult to achieve. We are very neurotic, hard to please and usually never happy, so it can make the task at hand a little more difficult. The good news is that it is much easier to make a woman cum the second time around, so if you can get one under your belt from the lady, she is much more sensitive to touch and arousal and the next couple orgasms can fire off like a semi-automatic weapon…LOL! The second road block may be mental, especially for women. If a woman can allow herself to let go and be totally in the moment, multiple orgasms are much more possible than if a woman is concerned with not coming or never enjoys herself during sex. Let her unwind, relax and enjoy the moment as much as see can. A final piece of advice, always focus on the G-Spot. There are plenty of them in the
female anatomy and once you find out where they are and how they work, it may be one of the most important tools in achieving multiple orgasms. If you can master the art of the G-Spot or even work more than one at a time, you will always be a step ahead of the game. I will tell you, once.


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