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The cure to the aging process of the skin is not medically based; it will be chemistry based. Years of biotechnology, chemical biology and scientific research lead by Forever Bloom’s expert scientific team has established Forever Bloom as one of California’s leading technology companies focused on the peptide bio-mimic research. Our obsession with geometrical patterns and natural floral patterns has not only provided a rudimentary base for study but also inspires a further dee understanding of the building blocks of cells, chemical processes and how they interact to influence the human aging process.


To provide nontoxic formulas that cure the signs of aging. It is our mission to offer safer alternatives that are more effective and supported by actual scientific research. Consumers will also be given correct information to make safe healthy product choices for skincare.


Unknown in its origins and age. The Flower of Life is found in many countries all over the world. Its sacred geometrical shape depicts the fundamental forms of all living things, space and time. It represents perfect form, proportion and harmony. It contains every known and unknown geometric form from which all organic life is derived. It is within this symbol that we derive inspiration to finding a cure to the aging process, as we know the formula is hidden within.


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MN Magazine

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