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By Otto D

It’s a given
That if your driving down the Turnpike, you usually can tell what exit your at by the smell in the air!

The Duke
Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.
A famous quote by John Wayne himself, one the greatest American idol of all times. What a way to
celebrate this inspirational man by sharing his rare bottles (recipes) unearthed and preserved for over
50 years of Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The legacy of the Dukes secret recipe from 1962 is currently being
presented in this beautiful package that clearly stands out in and at any bar. Distilled and aged in Kentucky
the old fashioned way, in small batches and aged in heavily charred new and hand built American Oak
barrels. A unique blend of 88 proof, aged a minimum of 5 years in barrels hand selected for perfection. Each
bottle is dated on the front label, distilled in Owensboro, KY at O.Z. Tyler Distillery. Blending and Distillation by Founder Chris Radomski and Master Distiller Jacob Call.

75% American dent corn
(named for their yellow dented kernels)
13% Rye ( grain used in distillation is fermented rye)
12% Sixth-row barley
(malting barley, sixth row is a distinctive kernel)
100% Love (is all you need)
Tasting Notes: charred oak, roasted nuts, hints of vanilla, caramel, and nutmeg.
Palate: warm pepper spice and toasted nuts, finishing with a deeply satisfying robust sweetness in perfect combination.
(Please Duke Responsibly)

Chimaera Fish
Let’s discuss why I don’t go deep see diving! This deep sea monster has an interesting yet nightmarish body
(WTF). You won’t find a single bone inside their body, instead it is made up completely of cartilage. They
share a similar ancestry with sharks, giving them the nickname ‘ghost sharks.’ They use electroreception
to find prey, but unlike other sharks, the males have retractable sexual appendages. Another factor that
separates them is that most Chimaeras have venomous spines behind their dorsal fins. To top it off, their
jaws are fused with their skulls (kind of like my x-wife). This monster lives about 8,500 feet deep and usually
on the bottom of the ocean floor. They grow up to about 5 feet long with a single gill and a bulky head.
The Chimaera fish usually can be found in the depths of the Pacific, around the lowest parts of the tallest
mountains. My advice, just stay in the fucking boat!

3 Survival Tips After A Nuclear Blast
The thickness of materials needed to
protect yourself from 99 % of radiation:
Steel: 5 inches
Brick: 16 inches
Packed earth: 2 feet
Water: 3 feet
Why you should wear white:
Brighter colors reflect more radiation. Not so much more that it’ll really matter, but it might make you feel a little better.
Why you should live upwind: You probably shouldn’t choose real estate based on the chances of a nuclear attack,
but if it comes down to two places and you can’t decide? Go with the one in the area that’s less likely to have nuclear
fallout carried to it by prevailing winds. In the New York City area, that’s New Jersey. So you could live a trendy life waiting for
the big one, or play it safe, move to this state and just go slow with all the other.

Cable TV
Since the introduction of cable network TV in 1948, the television industry has been the revolution and the pathway of
creating most of the worlds culture that we live in as of today. Cables ongoing evolution has also created the worlds vibrant
and informative infrastructure that’s been happening way before everyone realizes. American entertainment transformed the
investment, technology, and political leadership of this world. Here is a small chart of surprising information to follow.

1. 1948 the first states to introduce cable TV where, Oregon, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania. (I was surprised)
2. 1960 Cable expands to the metropolitan area.
3. 1970 first networks emerge HBO, ESPN, Nickelodean , C-Span.
4. 1980 28 networks became established (MTV and such)
5. 1990 79 networks with 57% of U.S homes carrying.
6. 1996 internet modems are introduced for usage.
7. Skipping to 2019 approximately $275 B invested creating 2.9 million jobs.

The industry has come a long way considering I remember my first cable box had a
wire attached to it and if I held 2 buttons down, flipped a switch half way and held
your right leg up, you would get yourself some blurry free porn!
(Please Porn Responsibly)

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