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By Otto D

It’s a given
That every women has an “I need something tone of voice”.

Something’s Cooking & IT Ain’t JUST Rite (Hell’s Kitchen)
Is a song about the smell of meth labs, music written by Matt King. King is an American country singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Asheville, NC. At the beginning of Matt’s career he had all the talent in the world but at times in life offers must be refused due to financial reasons. Sometimes you need a just a little to get ahead. After some years Matt moved to Nashville and his talent started to spread, making a name for himself. In 1997 things really took off for him after playing the Grande Ole Opry with Earl Scruggs, Roy Clark, Rick Skaggs and good ole Vince Gill. Break loose your phone and get on it already, your missing out if your not.

Wenger Giant
Not to be mistaken with wanker, this Wenger is the motherfucker of all pocket knives! Coming straight out of the Guinness Book of World Records (pint please) you know this is the real deal. This bad boy has 87 implements; 147 different functions and weighs in at a whopping two pounds! Some of the craziest implements include a telescopic pointer, a tire tread gauge, a club face cleaner and of course you get a standard 2.5 inch stainless blade with partial serration. I think they should have just added a torque wrench and a potato peeler as well. Well maybe there is one in there next to the north star teletacter beam (I made that up…or did I). Coming in around $1500.00 dollars I could honestly say if a cub scout showed up with one of these he deserves to skip all the shit he has to do for some stinking badges! (Please Knife Responsibly).

Tactical Tomahawk Axe
This tactical tomahawk has a unique style designed from a style of ancient Vietnam and was considered to be one of the more unusual weapons/tools of it’s era. Some of the main features, 420 stainless steel head is mounted to the glass-reinforced nylon handle with heavy-duty bolts. Steel ferrule for additional handle reinforcement. Versatile tool for breaching, excavation,
and other utility applications with a 2.75-inch stainless steel axe head. . Now you may not think that this is not a lot of head but these matters are in the hand of the be-bolder!!! Between this and the Wenger Giant you’ll be able to venture anywhere with much more than a pack of cub scouts.
(Please Axe Responsibly)

Emilia Clarke
Emilia is a 33 English actress and truly a goddess born October 1986. Clarke’s studied in London and started
her career on stage and theatre roles before things really took off for her. Now If your not a Game Of Thrones fan
here is one excellent reason why you should be. The stunning Emilia Clarke is a major player in this HBO series that
many men and women drool over and enjoy watching her dominant personality (queen of dragons). Born in London
and grew up in Berkshire, this extremely talented actress has starred in major soap operas, movies but to me she’ll
always be known as the character “Daenerys Targaryen” from the series. During the series she plays a hard core
role of a hot sexy women that can conquer and slay many men, which would include me! The last season is upon us
and only our imagination can take us to where her heart desires. Guys I wouldn’t mind being under her
rule, watch the show and you’ll get it. And yes she does nudity scenes thank god!
(Please Emilia Clark Reponsibly)

Swords Of Battle
In the HBO hit series Game Of Thrones there are 6 swords of importance for all the followers of the show to know. Ice
being my personal favorite.
1 – Ice
Was worn by the Lord of Winterfell.
2 – Longclaw
As Commander of the Night’s watch,
Ser Jeor gave the sword to Jon Snow
as a reward for saving his life from
a wight.
3 – Needle
Is a thin sword wielded by Arya Stark
4 – Oathkeeper
It was initially given to Jaime Lannister
as an heirloom of the House. However,
he later gave it to Brienne of Tarth to
protect Sansa Stark.
5 – Widow’s Wail
Given to Joffrey Baratheon from
Tywin Lanister.
6 – Lightbringer
Held by Stannis Baratheon

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