Enjoying the Best Views of NYC with Pier 115 Hudson & Co.

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By Amanda-Kathryn
(aka RamblesofRed)

A picture is worth a thousand words…fortunately for most of us, we don’t have to rely on just an image
to get the best experience from our dining outings. I have found that besides the food, a good landscape
is always a nice bonus on my travels to wine and dine. Once more, who can resist an awesome view
of the city while bypassing all the interminable evening traffic? This girl most definitely prefers it, I know
you do too! So where to go, where to go….You might recall a little slice of heaven I wrote about before
called Hudson & Co. near Exchange Place in Jersey City. This place not only has awesome food, but an
incredible view of New York to gaze at while you sit in their patio section. What you might not know, is the owner, Jeremy Casilli, who established Hudson & Co. also has another location called Pier 115 in Edgewater. It too has a beautiful view almost as
good as their food! So let’s take a journey! I’ll tell you why these restaurants should be on you must list this Spring, and why I consider them the best views of NYC!

First thing is first, let’s talk about getting to the actual places. Both Hudson & Co. and Pier 115 are fairly easy to get to. I found that with a good PATH train, I was able to maneuver my way down to Exchange Place for Hudson & Co. fairly simply, all the while enjoying the scenery with my walk down. On the other hand, to get to Pier 115 it is best driven down to. You could take a bus, but I would save that for warmer weather. Both Hudson & Co. and Pier 115 have outstanding waterfront views to view our neighbor state. The buildings differ slightly, but both bring something unique to the table. While Hudson & Co. gave me this relaxing, dining type feel with it’s glass window view from the hill, event space big enough to fit any party, and plenty of bar space, Pier 115 lived up to its reputation, as well! Once arriving there, you’ll fall in love with the casual walk on the pier feel before
reaching your destination. It’s not only beautiful on the outside, but inside it sort of reminded me of being in an upscale Pier lounge/restaurant near the waterfront. It comes complete with both a bar set up, pier access for both nightlife and events, and a
sushi/brick oven area (much like Hudson & Co.) offering a complete, well rounded dining experience.

When it comes to the drinks, my experience at Hudson & Co. was top notch. I had the Oranje Ripple (yes the spelling is correct.) A well-blended cocktail consisting of vodka, rum, passion fruit, lime, and OJ, this drink was both a sweet and tangy treat. While
visiting Pier 115, I decided to try both the Ginger Red, and Jorge’s Used Mule. The Ginger Red consists of Misunderstood Whisky, Amaro, pomegranate, saffron infused simple syrup, lemon juice, complete with basil sprig. It combined a splash of fruity
flavor with a kick, and will certainly illuminate your taste buds this Spring. The Jorge’s Used Mule is made with Casamigos Mezcal, muddled cucumber, passion fruit, agave syrup, ginger beer, lime juice, and chili powder. I know the thought of chili powder for some might be a hindrance, but don’t fear! You barely taste it and it’s more on the refreshing side
offering a well balanced drink perfect for any meal you choose. Now let’s talk food!

On my past visit to Hudson & Co. I tried a variety of dishes, including their famous Hudson & Co. sushi, Arctic Char, and Scallop Ceviche. To date, nothing has beat my food experience there, but today is another day, and Pier 115 is stepping up to
the plate. On my visit I decided to try some popular staples. Let’s start with appetizers. I had heard only good things about the German Pretzel served with either béchamel or mustard, and another app called the Pepper Jack Falafel served with meyer
lemon yogurt and sriracha aioli. Being the glutton I am, I couldn’t choose just one, so I went with both. The experience of both dishes left both my stomach happy and then some. Each dish bursted with flavor, from sweet and savory with just a hint of spice, and was served at the perfect temperature. The falafel was gorgeous presentation wise, and a good add on for the Spring. Now onto the best part, the main course.

Since I had the Arctic Char, it seemed only right to go with Pier 115’s popular fish dish called the Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass served atop baby bok choy, and sunchoke and beet puree. If you are looking for a Spring dish that’s both pleasing to the eye and to your taste buds please…I beg you, order this! The fish was cooked to perfection, practically melting in my mouth and blended perfectly with both purees. I caution you, the presentation is so lovely that you might not want to ruin such an ideal staple. Don’t
worry, that’s what camera phones are for. Capture the moment, and eat away! Now let’s move on to dessert! Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to try dessert at Hudson & Co. on my visit since I was so stuffed, but I was determined to more than
make up for it at my visit to Pier 115. I decided to go with their famous Bella’s Warm Skillet Cookie complete with chocolate drizzle, whipped cream, and vanilla gelato. Be careful with this one, it’s served on a hot skillet ensuring a fresh from the oven taste and when it arrived to the table it was still steaming! I’m not usually one for sweets, but I died and went to heaven with this one. Two thumbs up, Pier 115.

Sadly my belly was too full to try the Pier 115 sushi, so I ended up taking a to-go order home for my late night snack. If you like spicy crab, sweet sauce with a kick, and crunchy topping, this is the sushi for you! I will definitely be coming back for it in the future.

Another home run for owner Jeremy Casilli! Both Hudson & Co. and Pier 115 offer outstanding riverfront views complete with impeccable staff, superb cocktails, and an outstanding rotating menu. Stop by this Spring and Summer, and don’t forget to follow them on their socials to stay up to date on their menus. Thanks for having me Pier 115/Hudson & Co. and as always, cheers and happy eating!

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