3 Key Pieces for Every Man

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It’s not too late to revamp your style this year. I’m taking it back to basics and showing you how three staple pieces can keep
you looking and feeling fresh.

The Blazer
Your blazer should probably match your boots or work well together. If your boots are tan, wear a tan blazer;
if the boots are black, wear a black or blue blazer. Blazers are typically seen as being the most formal of
men’s wear; however, not all blazers are made for high-class events. Many new styles of blazer exist, making
them one of the most versatile pieces of men’s clothing.

The Chelsea Boot
Chelsea boots have spawned many imitators. While some copycats have come close, none can
quite match the fit, comfort, and durability of a good quality style. Whether you pair them with more
street style pieces or formal looks, they will come to your resue time and time again.

The Casual Shirt
Yes, it’s completely okay to wear a t-shirt under a blazer – provided that it is a nice t-shirt. You cannot
go wrong with a few versaille casual shirts that you can wear alone, under a blazer, or even
open with a t-shirt underneath. Invest in a few different styles such as solid colors, plaids, stripes, and patterns.


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