Super Bowl Planning and More with Orange Lantern in Paramus

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By Amanda-Kathryn
(aka RamblesofRed)

Happy New Year, everyone! With the last of the big holidays passing, there is no need to fret! One more
big event is coming our way, and no ladies, I’m not talking about Valentine’s Day. Now you may be a Giants
fan, Packers fan, or hell even an Eagles fan, but let me ask you one simple question…Where do you
plan on watching your favorite sports team this coming Super Bowl? For some it’s all about who has the
most TVs, and for others it’s all about the food. I’ll admit it, as a girl with a birthday that falls sometimes
on, or even a few days before, it is important to me to find a place with party planning options as well.
Lucky for me, I know just the place that has all of the above! You might remember a little place I wrote
about called the Orange Lantern in Paramus. For football, it has it all. Drink deals, superb food, and a
party package perfect for all you Super Bowl heads. Have I piqued your interest? If so grab your football
and read on! The commute to Orange Lantern is pretty simple if you have a car. Just make your way down 17 and
it’s right near The Fireplace restaurant. If you rather not drive, there is always Uber. It’s not hard to miss,
just look for the Orange Lantern on the sign above you and you’ll know you’re in the right spot. I have
to say I love the Orange Lantern because to me, it’s more than just a bar. It’s a staple for its community.
From the moment you enter, you’ll immediately feel at home. The bar area is big, but can get crowded on
event days. I recommend for football get your butt down there early! This will ensure you get the best
seat in the house. There are plenty of big screens above you, beside you, and more! You won’t miss
any touchdowns this season, I guarantee it. Now let’s talk about food.
If you’re looking for some satisfying Super Bowl pub grub at a great price look no further. Orange Lantern’s
menu is not only delicious, but comes fresh-to-order. No frozen food here, folks. Some deals you can find
are $3.25 Jumbo Pretzel, $4.50 Pretzel Bites with cheese sauce (yum!), Chips and Salsa, Tater Tots,
$5.50 Sidewinder Fries, Your choice of Pulled Pork or Cheeseburger Sliders (2 for $5.50), $5.95 Loaded
Tater Tots with cheese and bacon bits (yum 2 times), and finally Non Breaded Wings (1lb per order).
Need catering? No problem! With Orange Lantern’s Super Bowl Sunday Party Package, you’ll have
enough food to feed every member of your team, and the prices will have you happier than if you scored the winning touchdown. Here are the details: You
can have your choice of Breaded or Unbreaded 1/2 Tray of Wings (which can feed 12-15) at $45.95, JD
Chicken Sliders or Cheeseburger Sliders at $27.95,
or savory Swedish Meatballs at $37.95. How about a
Hero? You can get a 3-6 foot American or an Italian
just $15.95 a foot, wow! There are plenty more catering options to choose from, and they include all the
plates and napkins. Make sure you place your orders before January 30th. With all these food items
to choose from, Orange Lantern guarantees not only an awesome birthday for me, but an ideal game day
for you and your guests! Now ladies and gents…if you have a date planned for football, I suggest you go with Orange Lantern’s Stadium Package for two. For just $39.95 both you
and your date can enjoy 2 hot dogs, 2 cheeseburger sliders, 2 pulled pork sliders, chips and salsa, sidewinder fries, and a jumbo pretzel. Feeling thirsty? $3 Domestic Pints will also be available throughout the
game, as well as $13 Non-Premium Towers.
With all these options to choose from, you know I had to go and try at least one of them!
I made my way down to Orange Lantern on a Friday for some
live music, football, and to check out their famous Wings!
Now remember how I mentioned getting there early?
I should have followed my own rule. The bar was packed with people from near and far, and
finding a seat wasn’t easy. Once I did manage to get
one, I ordered my Wings and a nice cold beer while taking in the scenery and awesome tunes from past
and present, provided by the band Five Star Freak Show.
If you have never been to Orange Lantern before, you should know that besides football and
food, they pick the best of the best in live music. They have a stage area by the bar leaving some
room between it and the dining area for dancing. This allows everyone to get the perfect view of the
band playing, and not sacrifice watching their favorite football team score that winning touchdown.
Once my food arrived, I couldn’t wait to try these wings.
I decided to opt for some Buffalo flavored ones since I like to live dangerously and on the wild
side when it comes to my food. The Buffalo flavored ones did not disappoint.
It had a kick, but was sweet and tangy, and the meat was cooked to perfection.
They were so good, that I can honestly say
I died and went to food heaven.
It was an ideal combination to go with my beer, and they didn’t leave me craving a
pitcher of water or breathing fire at completion! Super Bowl LIII is approaching, and yes, there are
many bars with many options, but there is only one Orange Lantern for all your football needs. With excellent deals on food, drinks, and party packages, Orange Lantern in Paramus is going above and beyond this game season.
Don’t miss what they have in store for you! Thanks for the night, Orange Lantern staff. Cheers and Happy eating to you all.


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