Stress And Sex. How it affects your love life.

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“The key to boosting libido is to have a more balanced life”

Stress is perhaps the number one culprit in low sexual desire. We’re all running around with more things to do than there are hours in the day, leaving ourselves feeling exhausted and often frustrated. Stress can greatly affect men’s and women’s desire for sex. Too much stress often zaps a person’s libido, by affecting hormones and mood, and by interfering with the quality time that helps a couple stay connected.
I know this first hand and all too well at times. With three kids, a full-time job and everything else I have going on…I’m
surprised I get a chance to do it at all! The good news is that too much stress is fixable! The key to
boosting libido is to have a more balanced life. It’s not just the big stresses, such as financial worries or losing a loved one, that contribute to low desire or less enjoyable sex. It’s also the small, daily stresses like running late, trying to fit too much into a day, not eating right and constantly bickering with your partner all can affect your sexual energy.
Although most couples do not discuss this as an issue or how this may affect your sex life, it’s important to discuss it before it gets too late. If you are suffering from depression, sex is often the last thing you want to think about, let alone discuss with your significant other. However, this can be something that seriously affects your relationship and may lead to resentment and misunderstanding of mental health issues. Anxiety is another mental health issue that could wreak havoc on your sex life. While you may have the drive and
willingness to engage in sexual activities, there are certain symptoms that are key indicators of anxiety that aren’t often
discussed. Anxiety often causes us to question our decisions and constantly worry about whether or not we’re doing the
right thing. It can affect your self-confidence and make you worry about how others perceive you. Because sex is such an intimate act, you need to be able to relax while engaging in it
to fully enjoy it. It’s crucial to talk to your partner when you are feeling this
way. Let them know what is worrying you or how concerned you are about certain things such as your sexual performance. Be honest about your concerns and explain to them that these
are very real concerns and fears to you. Discuss compromises, such as keeping the lights off if you feel self-conscious or
asking them to be more open and encouraging about what they do enjoy. Sex is something we all want to enjoy and is an important part of any relationship. It is time to take both mental and your
sexual health more seriously. Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!!!

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