Level Up Your Style In 2019

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Are you looking to enhance your wardrobe and style in 2019? Here are four simple rules to get your closet in shape for the new year.Less Is Always More
A big mistake is making your closet too busy and overly cluttered. Look
around; do you see pieces you don’t normally wear? Adding more colors,
layers, and patterns often creates a recipe for disaster. Start with a solid
base such as a black shirt and black pants. You now have room to add a
statement jacket without looking too loud.

Go For Singles
When it comes to your closet, try adding single pieces instead
of entire new outfits. You can buy higher-end pieces and
more staple items you truly love. Remember the rule of
simplicity when adding to your wardrobe. Try to make every
fifth piece a statement or bold pattern.

Keep It Sleek
Don’t be afraid of jewelry this year! Keep your accessories
clean, unassuming, and sleek. Try a thin cuff
paired with a matching ring. A simple link bracelet adds
style without cluttering up a look. One tip to remember
is to keep finishes the same when pairing jewelry. Mixed
metals can look unorganized if they don’t look intentional.

Staple Sneakers
If you don’t have a pair of white sneakers in your closet, then stop now and go
buy a pair immediately. White sneakers add a clean, fresh, and put together
edge that no other shoe will offer. Don’t believe it? Get your outfit on and put a
dress shoe, boot, or colored sneaker on one foot and a white sneaker on the
other. I rest my case!

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