The Worst Mens Fashion Trends of 2018

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There’s no doubt that there have been some amazing fashion trends for men in 2018. With all of the good, there’s bound to be
some fashion fails. Here are some of the worst men’s styles of 2018 and how you can avoid or fix them if you’re an offender.

The Dress Shirt
Most men think of the classic button-up as a staple piece of clothing in their closet. It’s perfect for the office, on a
date, roll up the sleeves, and it can cut it for drinks after work. But not all button-ups are created equal. Often
these are bought off the rack, causing them to be ill-fitting and baggy in all the wrong places. Having them tailored
can improve the look. If tailoring isn’t in the budget, find shirts of quality material and try on several sizes until you
find a sleek fit.

Deep V-Necks
V-necks, in general, are a great basic, but too low of a cut and it can look like the collar has become worn and
messy. Stick with clean crew neck t-shirts or sleeker v-necks that fall no more than a few inches below your collarbone to create a more polished look..

Bad Graphic Tees
Graphic tees may seem youthful, but they can actually make you look older and like you are trying too hard to be cool.
Stay away from overly bright graphics with bulky in your face fonts that are poorly designed. Instead, try muted or faded vintage graphics for a more subtle look that’s perfect for casual occasions.

Oversized Overkill
The oversized trend is back and better than ever. Just don’t get too carried away and risk looking like a
misshapen garbage bag. Find balance by choosing to go either loose on top and fitted on the bottom, or
vice versa. For a cool, effortless look try an oversized pullover paired with fitted moto jeans.

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