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It’s always a little weird for me to design a Christmas/ Holiday issue when it’s October… But here we are. By
the time this issue is in your hands or on your phone or desktop it will be almost Thanksgiving and that means
stress. So much stress. Family fights, traffic, crappy weather and early darkness seem to chip away at us.
Thus just like every year past I search to find a happy emotional pill to keep me going. In the past that pill
came in many forms. Xanax, Ambien, Lexapro and a few other destructive band aids just don’t cut it for me
anymore. Those days are in the past.

These days that happy pill is in a wee Irish town called Monaghan.

It rains here nearly everyday. It’s never warm. There’s not much to do. In fact, there’s nothing to do. I find myself
drinking a lot of coffee and tea and looking at my phone at the news back home (where you guys live).
But yet I’m happy. Really happy!

You see I came to this place called Monaghan 16 months ago looking for my heart and soul. I had lost
both those precious things in America. Emptiness is all I felt for the past for years and it tore a hole through my
stomach that was more than I could bare. Soon July 10, 2017 I left my cozy Jersey City digs and with a backpack
and a quest for redemption I landed on the shores of Ireland (Dublin International Airport). My life has never
be the same again since.

I’m being vague because I have to be vague. But for those of you who know me and know my journey
I thank you for your support and for those who don’t know what the hell I’m going on about just know this…
When life seems lost and all hope is gone never give up. What you are searching for is out there, you just
have to be willing to march into hell to find it. Trust me, I’ve been to hell and back and at times thought I
had nothing inside me left to give. However, here I am writing these words and while not sharing “the dirt” just
know that “the dirt” I’m keeping private is laced with gold and as this holiday season approaches I am the
happiest man on the face of the earth living far from home and smiling ear to ear.

You see I found my heart and soul.

Merry Christmas,
Chaunce Hayden

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MN Magazine

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