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It’s A Given:

Men who run their mouths of how tough they are, usually are the weakest. Real strength is shown in silence!

Keeping It Local With Charlie:

Charlie’s Angels was a late 70’s early 80’s show about 3 very beautiful women that played roles of crime-fighting
adventures working in a private detective agency in LA, California. Originally starred Kate Jackson, Farrah
OMG Fawcett, and Jaclyn Smith. Now that being said, if you have never heard of the show or even seen the
remakes, I would say go back and live in your parents basement but in reality that’s where most guys were while
jerking off to all the bikini scenes in show (c’mon you fucking know it)! The show had a run for a solid 5 years over
110 episodes until the remakes came out starting in 2000. So the big mystery in the show was who the fuck is
Charlie? John Forsythe (Jacob Lincoln Freund) is who Charlie was, both in the late 70’s and in the remake of the
show. Born in Penns Grove, New Jersey John’s career as an actor/producer went on for 6 decades playing all sorts
of roles including the legendary show Dynasty, theatre roles and of course that mysterious black box on Angels.
It’s safe to say that Charlie definitely got the most “box” on that show! (Please Box Responsibly).

Helloween… To Be Or Not To Be:

What can we say about the best holiday of the year?? How bout the four S’s not asses, sexy, slutty, scary, and of
course stupid. Last year we saw a lot of Harley Quinn and the same old Terminator routine but lets face it that is
slutty and stupid. So this years predictions are all over the place, lets shoot for sexy and scary. I say for women I’m
thinking Wonder Women and for the guys I’m thinking IT. Hopefully Wonder Women 2017, not 1975 and IT 2017
not 1986. And there’s always someone in the crowd with a big bulky box, good luck being “Mr Awkward” gentleman.
The point of all this is go for some originality, maybe something in the steampunk era..get creative without just
buying a costume in a bag. Don’t be lame get involved! (Please Dress Slutty Responsibly).

Dysfunctional Family Day:

Thanksgiving is the most dysfunctional family day of all time. It’s that day where you get that crazy uncle and aunt
that comes over, drinks too much and spills the proverbial beans about some shit that went south 20 years ago.
The story goes that settlers came and made peace with the natives of the land, and settled. Ha, I have my own
version…I say the settlers came over and ate the natives of the land and then settled! Think about a major true fact
about the holiday, the very first meal took three days to eat. That’s a lot of bird and how about that stuffing.
I’m not sure how a turkey got involved in this scenario either. I mean think about it, how many of these poor
ugly birds are cooked in the name of breaking bread with family that you don’t want to see once a year?? Now don’t
misunderstand me, breaking bread with family is the most important thing someone could have in life. But truthfully
if you love your family then everyday should be a thanksgiving dinner, turkey or not.
(Please Yard Bird Responsibly)

Christopher Alvin Stapleton:

Stapleton born April 15, 1978 is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. He was born in Lexington,
Kentucky. Moved to Nashville in 2001 to pursue his dream career in music writing songs. Four days after
his arrival in Nashville, Stapleton signed into contract to write and publish his music. As of 2018 Stapleton has
amassed credits writing and co-writing over 170 songs. He has co-written six number-one country songs and has
performed with all types of musicians. His life’s background is a true American story, with a family history of
coal minors and real struggles of true Kentuckians. He is no coal minors daughter though. His music has covered
many movie theme’s (Hell Or High Water) and his stage performances covers more artists than I can fill into this
article. I encourage everyone to tune in, you don’t have to be a country music fan to enjoy his vocals and guitar

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