BLUE 42 Restaurant and Bar

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I must admit, this was not my first visit to Blue 42. When I heard about the sangrias, I knew I had to make my way
down there to give it a try. So for round 1, I decided to partake in the Blue 42 White Sangria and boy it did not disappoint!
This drink was not only refreshing, but the combination of liquors


perfectly balanced and sweet
making this one of my favorite go-to drinks while enjoying Football Sunday with the rest of the Packer crowd.

On my next visit, it was time for Trivia and to try the famous Blue 42 wings (yay)! Truth? Unless I had a very,
very, cold cocktail in front of me, the idea of wings always came hand-in-hand with my mouth being on fire. To
my relief, this was not the case at Blue 42! On Giorgio’s recommendation, I tried 4 different wing favorites: The
Michelle, Boom Boom, Tangy, and Teriyaki. Before getting into each of these, I have to mention that there are
over 40 different varieties of wings being served, all of which are created by Giorgio on a daily basis! The flavors
are also fresh and new, some being completely out of the ordinary — like the Nutella or Waffle, but this just goes to show the ingenuity and creativity that goes into the menu at Blue 42, but let’s backtrack to my 4 of choice.
The Michelle was sweet and spicy, Boom Boom was more of a subtle spice, Tangy was sweet with a subtle kick to it,
and Teriyaki was more of a subtle kick but sweet. Overall, these wings were amazing, meat cooked to perfection,
and with so many varieties I can’t wait to come back and try each one.

After my wing excursion, it was time for something cool and new to drink. At my bartender Danny’s suggestion,
I opted for the 5th and Jefferson. If you are a sangria lover, this is the drink for you. In my opinion, it is a tad
stronger and with its sweetness, it partners well with any Blue 42 wings platter you may choose. At this point of the
evening, the trivia crowd was already starting to gather. I wanted to try one more food item before the kitchen
got crazy, and that was The Boken Pizza. Another favorite to the Blue 42 regulars, the Boken pizza is made
fresh-to-order with Capers, Olives, Ham, Artichokes, and Mushrooms. Now I know what you are thinking: Capers?
This was my first time ever having them, especially on a pizza. In my experience, most bar pies are tiny, made
in a little oven behind the bar, and out of a box…not The Boken. This pizza was big enough to feed me by myself,
or share 2 slices with a friend if I was feeling generous. Sorry folks…this time I was going to be greedy. The sauce
was so good, and each ingredient added something special to the dish. If you are looking to try a REAL pizza at a
good price, this is the one to buy!

With my evening nearing its end, it was time for one last drink to close the night off with. I decided to be rebellious
and try the Numb Amigo. Along my many bar travels, I have had the pleasure of partaking in margaritas in all
different types of forms. Blue 42’s Numb Amigo offers a refreshing orange twist to a well-known bar staple, and I
was quite surprised at how well it blended with the tequila and other ingredients. If you are a Cadillac Margarita
lover, this will be your new favorite cocktail, and it is a great match for any app or food item you choose.

With an awesome combination of bar regulars and staff, it is no wonder Blue 42 is a gem to its community. If you
are looking for amazing food, great karaoke, trivia, and Football Sundays with your fellow Packer fans, make your
way down to Blue 42 in Elmwood Park. I can’t wait to return and I’m sure after one visit, you’ll feel the same way.
Thanks for the great time, Blue 42 staff — I’ll be seeing you soon. Until then, cheers and happy eating!

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