Don’t Say Goodbye to Summer Yet!

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Temperatures are dropping, leaves are turning, and it’s time to say goodbye to the beach. Luckily, you don’t have to say farewell
to your summer wardrobe just yet.

Vacation Vibes
Elevate your favorite tropical shirt by pairing it with a classic staple. Don’t push these to the back of your closet just yet! The bold, graphic
print will pop against a jean jacket or bomber, creating an interesting contrast. Trust me, I’ll be doing this until I see snow on the ground in New
York City.

Damn, Daniel
Get back at it again this fall by pairing clean, classic white sneakers with a primarily dark outfit or colors. White sneakers shine brightly
against warmer colors, adding an eye-catching and unexpected element whether you’re dressing in gray slacks for the office, denim for
a night out, or even a suit.

Distressed Denim
Ripped jeans look effortlessly cool year-round. Whether you’re hitting a concert, going to a pumpkin patch, or spending a casual evening at
a winery, pair your distressed denim with a flannel or heavy cable-knit sweater for a style that’s relaxed and effortlessly cool. You can even wear them
with long johns underneath to cover the holes and keep warm if you’re heading to an outdoor event.

The Fall Staple Shirt
The classic fall staple. Flannels are great for keeping warm during any season, and they’re especially handy once fall brings in those cooler temperatures. Layer your flannels over a crisp white t-shirt and complete your look with a leather jacket. You can also wear them unbuttoned
with a graphic t-shirt underneath or tied around your waist for an added layer and extra warmth.


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