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Irish Pub and Restaurant

By: Amanda-Kathryn aka RamblesofRed

Is it just me, or did the summer go way too fast? But I have one question for
you all… are you ready for football season?

Well it’s coming to a bar near you whether you like it or not. So, I ask again: are you ready for football, big screen TVs, awesome music line ups and bar food? Yes? Then let’s check out what one bar around you is doing to prepare. You may remember my first article when I journeyed to a little piece of heaven called Willie McBride’s in Branchburg. Well, I loved my Irish bar experience so much I couldn’t resist going to their second location in Hoboken and seeing what surprises they have in store for me for the last bit of summer, and the fall to

First off, let me say I was so happy that the commute to the Willie McBride’s was an easy one. Just catch the PATH train, and after few quick exchanges it’s only a hop and a skip away. Once there, you’ll see the familiar face of McBride’s red building and beautiful floral porch area waiting to welcome you. I opened the doors and was immediately greeted by bartender Christina, and manager of 12 years, Jackie Lehbrink. She proceeded to show me the “more bar than restaurant” space and let me tell you…this place is huge. You would never guess just by looking from the outside the amount of space that this place has. There is the main bar area with plenty of seating both at the bar and around it, and the best part? Not one, not two, but 23 (I kid you not), big screen TVs all around the place. When it comes to being prepared for football viewing, Willie McBride’s has you covered with ample places to
watch the game you came for. Looking to have a tailgate party?

No problem! There’s also a banquet area perfect for any occasion you could imagine complete with a stage for music and DJ, pool table, and dart boards. Now…the pièce de résistance of this place? The balcony. You get to see everything this bar has to offer and get a closer view of those TVs I was gushing about. The view up there is
amazing and perfect for any date as well. Definitely a must see for all you Irish pub fans out there.

Once the tour was over, it was then time for me to find out the 411 from Jackie about football specials and my favorite…live music plans for the fall season! According to Mrs. Lehbrink: “We are open to all fans; the goal is to have a good season and have fun!” Some of the deals you can expect to see include: $3 Domestic Drafts and shot specials, $12 Domestic Pitchers, and $15 Domestic Buckets. There are also some awesome killer $5 Bacardi and $6 Stoli mixed drink specials in the works, so if you are a cocktail fan you’re all set! Now I know what you are thinking, what about the food? A little different menu than what you would expect at the Branchburg location, Hoboken’s Willie McBride’s put an American pub twist in the typical Irish food you would expect. Some deals include $7
Basket of Wings, $8 Pretzel Bites, Black Bean SoFrito Nachos, Buffalo Chicken Meatballs, Potato Skins (my fave), and $10 Chicken Finger Basket. Beyond the food and drinks, this neighborhood bar also has future plans for live music in the fall. Some of the bands you can expect to see include: Lifespeed, Take Your Shoes Off, Aftershock, The Benjamins, and Hayward Live. Also, if you are local looking to avoid the commute, free limo rides are available
Friday and Saturdays to get you to the bar without the hassle. Hope your September isn’t booked, because there’s plenty more to be announced on their website. It’s a football and music line up you won’t want to miss so stay tuned…

Before leaving the bar, I couldn’t resist trying out one of Jackie’s favorites on the menu at Willie McBride’s: The Fish and Chips. Now I’ve tried many, many, different variations of this dish over the years, be it diner or bar etc. This staple dish by far kicked the crap out of every single one I have come across. First off, the presentation alone
was amazing. With 3 Pieces of fresh-to-order fish (never frozen) beer battered and fried, accompanied by large steak cut fries in a basket, it is every fried food lover’s dream and then some. If you are looking for a filling, comfort food dish that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling I highly recommend you give this dish a go. I paired this wonderful dish with Christina’s signature drink, which has now come to be known as the Christina Cocktail. This perfectly blended
cocktail is a sweet treat and refreshing combination of mango and citrus flavors. Sorry kids, I won’t be telling you the ingredients of this one. This is just one drink you’ll have to let remain a mystery until you visit Christina in Hoboken and have her hook you up with it. Her sweet demeanor and impressive behind the bar skills will keep you
coming back to Willie McBride’s, and she will be more than happy to match you up with your perfect drink for the evening.

A mix of good food, good beer, and good service, I can only expect great things for this upcoming football season for Willie McBride’s in Hoboken. With free limo rides for the weekend, live bands, and plenty of big screens, this hidden gem of an Irish/American bar is the perfect location for sports and music lovers alike. Check it out, and don’t forget to wear your team colors. I’ll be seeing you, Willie McBride’s Hoboken staff. Thank you for the experience and I look
forward to being with you all again for football. Until then, cheers and happy eating!

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