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DOs & DON’Ts of Facebook Bar Marketing.

Marketing your business without Facebook? That’s like making a Manhattan without whiskey. Today, Facebook bar marketing is a must: 4 out of every 5 American adults use Facebook – and 76 percent login daily. The secret
is mixing up the perfect Facebook bar marketing cocktail with the latest tools, trends, and these 20 pro secrets.

DO Use Facebook Events

1) Set Up an Event
One of the best-kept secrets of Facebook bar marketing is the “Events” functionality. Here’s why it rocks…

When you set up an event on your bar’s Facebook page, guests can select “I’m Going” or “Interested.” Facebook considers that an RSVP, then does this for FREE:
• Suggests your event to friends of those who RSVPed – exposing your bar to more people.
• Sends an automatic reminderabout your event to all RSVPs.
• Allows you to post messages to all RSVPs – use this to send your own event reminders, and to post photos
or videos after the event.

Don’t have events lined up? Supercharge your Facebook bar marketing with these 11 easy bar theme night ideas to draw crowds – even midweek.

2) Promote Your Event
To ensure your event is seen by customers, pay for Facebook bar marketing. Facebook lets you define who
sees your event, so you’re not wasting money. Even spending just $50 would likely yield great results.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you’re hosting a Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament. With the latest gaming system, it’s super easy to run a poker tournament at your bar. You’d target your poker event to ages 25- 55 within 5 miles of your bar who like pages related to poker.

DON’T Just Post on Your Own Page Want to be seen by thousands of potential guests? For free? Try this
super easy Facebook bar marketing trick now…

3) Use The “3 Minutes, 3 Things” Trick
Spend 3 minutes a day interacting on OTHER Facebook pages, doing 3 things: reacting, commenting, or sharing.
The secret is to do these 3 things as your bar – not as you, the individual. That way, when your bar comments on a
photo or hits “like” on a post, thousands of people could see YOUR bar’s logo, name, and message! Now, let’s put this Facebook bar marketing trick into action…

4) Unlock the “Secret Newsfeed”
When you log into Facebook, you’ll see your personal newsfeed. But most bars don’t know this Facebook bar marketing secret: you can create a newsfeed for your bar, too. This makes it easier to do the “3 Minutes, 3 Things” by putting all page updates in one place.

5) Start by Liking Other Businesses
To add businesses to your bar’s newsfeed, search for the business name in Facebook, open the page, and click
“Like as Your Page.” Not sure which pages to like? Answer this question: Which businesses and brands does my ideal customer like?

EXAMPLE: If you run a sports bar, here are Facebook pages to like as your bar:
• All local sports teams
• Any local craft breweries or micro-distilleries if you carry their product
• Nearby businesses (so you can promote your happy hour)
• Sports radio shows and other local radio, TV, and news media Facebook pages
• Any neighborhood or community organizations

6) Strategically Comment
Don’t abuse this Facebook bar marketing trick by spamming other pages with “Come to our bar…
it’s great!” You want to ADD to the conversation.

EXAMPLE: You’re following a brewery that posts a pic of their new double IPA. Comment with: “Wow!
Looks awesome, our customers LOVE your pale ale. Can’t wait to put your double IPA on tap.”

Now, fans of that brewery see you carry their beers. Plus, the brewery will appreciate your compliment. You could
also share their post to your page. Showing love for other businesses is important because of our next Facebook bar
marketing pro tip…

7) Use Facebook Messenger: Ask Other Pages to Promote You
Ask for shares like a Facebook bar marketing pro! First, install the Facebook messenger app. Then, message the pages you’ve followed and ask them to share your post. Only do this when your event or promotion is shareworthy.

DON’T  Wing It. Create a Content Calendar
It’s simple to schedule Facebook posts in advance. Instead of hitting “post now” click the “schedule” button to pick the date and time your content will post.

8) Use the Facebook Slideshow Feature
Video posts are 135% more likely to be seen on Facebook than photo posts. Need a quick way to create a video? Use
Facebook’s built-in slideshow maker. You can select a title, music, captions, and up to 10 photos to create an eyecatching video in minutes. Here are a few slideshow Facebook bar marketing ideas:

• Meet Our Bartenders
• Top 7 Drinks
• New Menu Highlights
• Trivia Night Wrap Up

9) Go Live! Night
Like Facebook events, Facebook’s “Live Video” function includes powerful free promotion… from Facebook itself.
To go live, hit the post button from your smartphone, then select “Go Live.” You’ll begin recording video that is
streamed live to your Facebook page. Here’s the best part of live video Facebook bar marketing: When you go live,
Facebook alerts all of your followers that you’re live… for free.

Designate a busy night as Go Live! Night and let your patrons know you’ll shoot live video for a few minutes. Guests will love the chance to star in your video and you’ll benefit from free, high visibility Facebook bar marketing.
If your live video turns out great, you’ve got an instant Facebook bar marketing win! So, add it to your page’s video library. If it’s REALLY good, “pin” the video to be the first video anyone sees at your page. Not loving the video? You can delete it. It’s like it never happened.

10) Post a Clever Quote
Great Facebook bar marketing shouldn’t seem like advertising. Try posting a witty beer or cocktail-related
quote as an image.

Know the 20% Rule! Keep any text on your image to 20% using Facebook’s own image checker. The “20%” rule is
required if promoting or “boosting” your image. Some Facebook bar marketing experts believe it even impacts if
your image appears at all in newsfeeds.


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