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The Final Four NCAA men’s basketball tournament is a
big deal to millions of people. For me… not so much. I’ve
tried. I’ve really tried. But each attempt ended with a deep
and rapid sleep. Basically, the sport just bores me. Still I’m
not blinded by it’s allure and thus I would not be doing my
due diligence if I didn’t honor the nearly month long tournament.
Hence… Our Special Final Four Issue complete with
brackets, predictions and the best bars to watch the games.
The latter brings me to what does interest me…Hoboken!
The past few weeks have been historic for the city long
known for it’s wild bars and youthful energized nightlife. We
all know the players: Green Rock, One Republik, Texas Arizona,
HUB, Cadillac Cantina, Black Bear, Birch, Mills Tavern,
Tally Ho, Mike’s Bull Moose Bar & Grill, Ainsworth, Hoboken
Bar & Grill, The Shannon, Dubliner, McSwiggens and
Wicked Wolf.
Well the team just lost some of it’s star players. Several of
those mentioned have either been temporarily closed or in
some cases permanently closed thanks to a rookie mayor
who ain’t playing.
Indeed, Mayor Ravi Bhalla has made it his first order of
business to turn on the lights, turn off the music and announce
last call to a 4 block radius that has become known
for it’s long rowdy lines and beer belly brawls. Hoboken’s
infamous pub crawls have divided the city’s residents
and bar owners into a war of civil rights vs quality of life.
Mayor Bhalla’s message to the bar owners is loud and
clear. He’s not going to play nice and if he has his way–and
so far he has–Hoboken’s popular party zone will become a
muted dead zone forever more.
Who’s right and who’s wrong? I suppose you could easily
argue for both sides. Ultimately this was bound to come
down to a very public showdown between the residents
and the bars.
So in this issue I sat down with Mayor Bhalla to hear
his plans for Hoboken’s bars and just how many bullets
does he plan on firing before he’s finished shutting down
the night spots that have made Hoboken so popular for the
young North Jersey singles who party hard.
How this will play out remains to be seen, but that’s why
I never gamble.
Enjoy the Tournament!

Chaunce Hayden


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MN Magazine

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