A Little Rest for Rambles at Happy Hour with Annabella’s House of Mozzarella

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Sometimes I just need to unwind, and being a
college student doing what seems to be 100
papers a week, free time is hard to come by.
This Thursday I decided to go out, take some
overdue me time, and avoid my English assignment
a little longer at happy hour with
Annabella’s House of Mozzarella in East Rutherford.
Located across the bridge down on
Paterson Plank Road, I found the commute
simple, and parking a breeze. It was quite
refreshing, and a nice change from the usual
chaos of my college parking
lot. Upon entering William
Pompeo and his staff
greeted me with smiles,
and the pleasant aroma of
Italian cooking spices filled
the air. I was surprised to
see a little market before
reaching the restaurant
side, where a plethora of
bread, cheeses, and meats
hung from a little hooded
villa area. It added to the
comfort and charm of the
establishment, and even
gave me the feeling of being
in an actual Italian mercato.
The dining room
was conveniently located
near the market, and had
ample table seating for
both small and big parties
alike. For corporate types,
comfy futon chairs are also
available with tables to
use as you choose. They are in front of the
bar area, and were just what I needed after a
long day on campus. Big screen TVs surround
both the dining and bar areas, and I was able
to catch a bit of the Olympics before heading
to a seat at the bar and starting my happy
hour experience. Donna, my bartending guru,
helped me through my decision on what to try
first for the evening. She persuaded me to try
the popular Green Tea shot, a blend of peach
schnapps, Southern Comfort and sour mix. It
was chilled to perfection, and not too sweet
to overwhelm me. There are plenty of other
options available on the happy hour menu to
choose from, including great deals on beer,
wine, and even a house martini! I highly recommend
this shot to start with, especially if
you are looking to try something different besides
the usual glass of merlot.

I was quite relaxed throughout my first drink,
and was taking in the dimly lit atmosphere
around me. There wasn’t any entertainment
while I was there, but the music playing and
the people sitting with Donna and I made for
great conversation. We talked about Italian
food, culture, and Annabella’s history. With
one couple, Donna was extremely helpful. She
took the time to go over different wines, and
helped select one that would best accommodate
the consumer’s taste. It’s always refreshing
to see that sort of help,
and it was a privilege to
watch Donna interact and
share her knowledge with
us newcomers.
Around this time hunger
was striking me, and I
wanted to try something
other than what was being
offered in my college’s
cafeteria. I looked at the
happy hour menu in front
of me, and saw a vast
spread of deals to choose
from. Some items included
were wings, bar pies, and
even mini calzones, but it
was the Italian Eggroll that
piqued my interest. Served
atop a bed of arugula, the
dish consisted of prosciutto
and roasted peppers
wrapped in an egg roll
shell with aioli sauce on
the side. Now Chinese food
has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, but
this dish put an Italian spin on one of my favorite
take out choices. It had a perfect blend
of spices with the peppers and meat, and the
sauce it was served with was great for dipping
and added a little kick to appetizer. Overall it
went perfectly with my green tea shot, and is
a must try for you happy hour connoisseurs
needing a quick bite of comfort food.
As the evening drew to its close, I managed
to get a word with Mr. Pompeo regarding his
future for Annabella’s. He aspires to bring
more crowds to enjoy what his new, exciting
happy hour has to offer. Overall, I thoroughly
enjoyed my happy hour experience at Annabella’s
House of Mozzarella. From four to
seven, you can partake in awesome deals on
food and drinks alike. You can meet awesome
staff, like Donna, and enjoy a fresh take to an
authentic Italian experience.

By Amanda-Kathryn
aka Rambles of Red

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