A Brave Voice Is Starting To Sound Like a Crazy Voice…

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Rose McGowan
and her lunch with Chaunce Hayden
I think I’ve always been the odd ball or the person
that everything is blamed on in school.
Rose McGowan is starting to sound a little insane. Is that
okay to say? Yes, her story about being raped by Harvey
Weinstein is compelling and indeed it was very brave to
reveal publicly. McGowan gets full credit for the first voice
of the MeToo movement. But…..
What started as a proud and historic moment in women’s
rights and equality has suddenly gotten weird and it’s
because of the same voice that started the entire uproar to
begin with. If you’ve been following McGowan during her
“Brave” book tour you know exactly what I’m talking about.
It’s fingers down the chalk board cringe worthy every time
the actress turned activist speaks. Literally every single
time she speaks it’s so uncomfortable and weird that you
forget that she’s a powerful voice and instead just quirky.
Case in point:
Following appearances earlier this week on Good Morning
America and The View to promote her new memoir, Brave,
Rose McGowan sat down with Stephen Colbert on The
Late Show on Wednesday night to further discuss her
history with disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein
and her allegations that the ousted producer sexually
assaulted her.
McGowan, wearing a bright orange hoodie, joined Colbert
to also speak about her new E! series, Citizen Rose. “That
was actually my father’s nickname for me,” McGowan said
of Brave’s title.
When Colbert asked McGowan about growing up in a cult,
she responded, “He thought that was a better alternative
to the shithole we all live in, and he might be right.”
When asked about Weinstein, McGowan said she was “the
architect” of the current movement. Colbert then asked
the actress if she was told she was “crazy” when she first
came out with allegations against Weinstein, to which she
responded, “No, I see things.”
The conversation unfolded with McGowan outtalking
Colbert during a wide-ranging conversation that spanned
from her arrest and her Rose Army message, to the time
she sat at the Fox News table during a White House Press
Association dinner during Obama’s presidency.
“I realized that I think, psychologically, suits make people
insane,” she said of her sweatshirt outfit. She then pressed
Colbert, something she did throughout the interview,
saying, “Your arms are T-Rex. Why do you have to wear a
suit? Who made you wear a suit — what’s the rule?”
As much as Colbert tried to keep McGowan on track, even
he stumbled at deciphering some of her long-winded
answers, which included several bleeps by CBS.
Agreeing that they are both “comfortable with discomfort,”
McGowan ended the chat by raising her fist in the air and
saying, “Be uncomfortable. Be brave.”
McGowan responded to a statement issued by Weinstein’s
attorney claiming the actress’ recent appearances and
comments were an attempt to “smear” Mr. Weinstein with
a “bold lie that is denied not only by Mr. Weinstein himself,
but by at least two witnesses.” The statement included
emails from McGowan’s then-manager, Jill Messick,
and former co-star Ben Affleck in an attempt to bolster
Weinstein’s denial of the actress’ rape claim. McGowan
has said that she immediately informed both parties of
the alleged assault. Affleck had initially commented in a
November interview, saying he supports McGowan; since
his email referenced by Weinstein was sent in July, the
appearance contradicts that claim.
“Mr. Weinstein has used his power to violate Rose in
all too many ways, even resorting to proven espionage
tactics in attempt to cover up his crimes,” read McGowan’s
response, referencing what was first reported in The
New Yorker about Weinstein using private investigators,
including ex-Mossad agents, to track his accusers, like
McGowan. She said the use of Messick’s and Affleck’s
emails, which occurred months before the first story
broke about Weinstein on Oct. 5, prove that “Weinstein
was on a fishing expedition to target and coerce potential
witnesses.” Messick’s former assistant, Anne Woodward,
also supported McGowan’s claim to The New York
Times in October.

As for the Colbert appearance, McGowan took to Twitter
in a series of tweets on Thursday to defend and explain
her appearance.
Saying she is “bored of formats and questions” and “done
with traditional structure,” McGowan said she “had fun
(as much as one can have in this alternate reality) on
the @colbertlateshow any press framing it as ‘bizarre’ I
just have a different personality than you. I don’t follow
protocol. And I will talk about WHAT I WANT. I requested
a Dick Cavett free form hangout.”
She added, “I am unusual, that IS the point. I do not
care for formats or traditional
thought. Every interview of
mine is different, just like a
mood. A lot of you are meeting
me for the first time. Don’t
compare me to what you would
do or be. Be free.”
I’ve had my own moments with
McGowan over the years. The
following is an interview I had
with Rose. This was before she
came out about being molested
by family members and other
men who have crossed her
path over the years during her
Hollywood journey. But if you
read between the lines you
can almost smell her desire
to tell me what she’s become
historically famous for these
past few months.
Do I think McCowan was
raped? No. I don’t think she
was raped. Do I think Harvey
Weinstein used his power to
get a young actress to give in
to his sexual perversions? Hell
yes. I don’t think McCowan
enjoyed having sex with
Weinstein. In fact, I’m sure
it was disgusting for her. But
that doesn’t mean she didn’t
give in to his desire with the
understanding one favour
would lead to fame and
Hollywood fortune. I believe it
was a trade off and a trade off
that as the years past didn’t go
as McCowan had planned. A
woman scorned? Gross? Yes.
Rape? Hmm…. I say no.
Anyway, enjoy the following and
see if you can spot the moment
where McGowan almost spills on the man she now calls
“The Monster.”
Chauncé Hayden: Before we get started is there anything
that you don’t want to talk about?
Rose McGowan: Well I’ll let you know if something comes
Let’s start off with Marilyn Manson. What went wrong?
All I’ll say is that a word that began with D and ended in
S got between us. I just didn’t want to be with someone
who would that lifestyle get in the way of our relationship.
Personally, I don’t want any part of it. Next topic.
As far as you’re acting career goes you’ve done every
thing from comedy to horror. Do you prefer doing
comedy over being crushed to death by a garage door?
Well I’m an actress so I can do all sorts of things.
But isn’t there one genre that you prefer over the other?
I think I prefer to do drama only because I’m a little bored
with doing comedy right now. I mean comedy is light and
fluffy and that’s why I do it. But it’s like eating candy. If
you eat too much of it after a while you want a steak.
I’m assuming you get offered a lot of parts. What goes
into the decision process when
you finally decide on what film
you’re going to do?
Does it suck or does it not suck?
Sometimes it’s really as easy
as that. I mean I haven’t been
acting that long and it’s strange
because I’ve become pretty
well known very quickly. But I
haven’t worked long enough
to have the long list of credits
behind me. Do you know
what I mean? So I kind of get
judged on higher expectations
than I really should at this
point. I can’t really fulfill the
expectations people have of
me. But don’t worry everyone,
I’ll get there! I promise!
An actress having fame
without the credentials to
support it has got to be a
weird dynamic to live with.
It’s a very weird dynamic. I
can’t think of any other industry
that… (Pause) If I said if I was a
dentist people would be saying
things like, “Oh yeah? Who’s
teeth have you filled? Have you
done root canals?” So when
you say, “I say that I’m an actor…
but?” I’m immediately put on
the defense with people. I find
that with many interviewers and
even just people on the street.
Even though I do get a lot of
great feedback from people I
still get people who like to put
me on the ropes right away. “Oh
yeah, well you haven’t done
enough dramas!” Hey, I’m just
a girl for God sakes! Give me
some time. Do you know what
I’m saying? Just cut me some slack everybody. I’m trying!
Do you still have to audition or do you just get parts
based on your name?
It depends. “Ready to Rumble” was offered to me. Some
things are and some things aren’t. It’s like that with really
almost anybody. I mean there are things that I certainly
have to fight hard for and things that aren’t such a fight.
Is there any part that you fought for recently but didn’t
No. Well? No, to be honest.
You don’t sound sure of yourself.
…I hate fish! I will
always hate fish!
I hate them as we
speak! That’s all
I have to say
about fish.

Well maybe I just didn’t want to do it that much. You go on
certain auditions and you meet people but… I mean it’s
not that often that you try for something that you really,
really love. I mean there was one part in particular that
I really loved and I was very close to being cast in, but
looking back and seeing how the entire movie turned out,
I’m perfectly fine with not doing it. I mean I always feel
that I’m going to wind up doing exactly what I’m suppose
to be doing anyway. That’s just how the universe works.
So you believe in fate I take it.
I’ve had a strong viewing of it thus far. So in the face of
that, yeah.
I read where you’re quoted as
saying, “If I was back in the
Salem witch hunting days I
would of been burned at the
stake.” So are you saying that
you’re a witch?
(Laughs) I think that was just
my sense of humor that day!
I’m a spiritual person but it’s
not like I’m a practicing witch
or anything. God knows! But
I think I’ve always been the
odd ball or the person that
everything is blamed on in
But you were always innocent
of course.
Right! I never actually did
anything! I was just always the
outcast or the black sheep. So
that’s really what I meant by
So what’s this about you
hating fish?
I hate fish! I will always hate
fish! I hate them as we speak!
That’s all I have to say about
No chance of seeing you at a
Sushi bar anytime soon?
Actually, I have the misfortune
of having friends who like sushi
damit! So I have to go. But
when I’m there I get those little
green beans that they give you
for free with salt on them as
an appetizer. I have 3 bowls
of them and that’s my dinner.
It’s really tragic. I’ll go to Matsu
Hisa which is like the most
expensive Sushi restaurant in
LA and I’ll only eat free beans.
How lovely.
Did you go to the Academy Awards this year?
Hell no! I don’t go to things that I’m not really involved
in. Although, I like eating Dorito’s watching it at home in
sweat pants. It’s fun to pick on people or root for people
like anybody else.
Do you care if you ever win an Academy Award? Is that
a dream?
I will! I will! Mark my words. I absolutely will.
Is your ultimate dream to stand in front all of your peers
and read down a mile long list of everyone you ever
worked with?
No, my dream is to have a role that would be so
substantial that it earned me an Oscar. That’s really my
You don’t need me to tell you that’s not an easy dream
to fulfill considering the competition in Hollywood these
days among women actors.
I guess it’s always been that way. A guy who’s known
to about 2 people in Hollywood would get offered
something where I’ll have to audition for it. And it’s just
based on the fact that he’s a guy. That happens a lot.
And you just have to know that.
It’s very frustrating and stupid
but I’m not going to sit here and
go off about it because it’s kind
of cliche. But yes, as a women
you do have to work harder in
Hollywood. There’s a lot less
roles to choose from. If you’re a
white male there’s going to be a
lot more work because there’s
a lot more parts to chose from.
There just are. Generally there’s
one or two girls in a movie. So
just by the ratio of what roles are
out there it’s kind of tough from
that aspect. But again I believe
we end up doing exactly what
we’re supposed to be doing in
life. I mean I don’t think I’ll be
auditioning against Brad Pitt for
the same role anytime soon.
Never say never.
Maybe! Now that would be kind
of funny!
Award show fashions have
become almost bigger then
the awards show themselves.
Not surprisingly, it was your
backless dress at the 1998 MTV
Video Awards that seemed to
start the show more skin craze.
Yeah, that was really funny! But
then again I have a really sick
sense of humor. I think things like
that are really funny. I love pulling
off pranks. That was my idea of a
red carpet prank.
The picture of you walking
down the red carpet with your
bare ass showing still shows up
in magazines.
Yeah I know! I’ll be sitting
at home and not feeling
particularly brash or ballsy and
I’ll see a picture of me in that dress in a magazine and I’ll
go, “Oh God, what was I thinking!” But most of the time I
think it’s pretty funny.
At this years Grammy’s Jennifer Lopez tried to out do
you by showing more skin then has ever been seen
at a awards show. What did you think of her fashion
I thought it was a really pretty dress. That’s a different
situation. I think she looked great.
I read a quote where you said, “If you were ever with a girl sexually, Jennifer Lopez is the one you would
pick.” Is that true?
Oh God, did I say that! Well, I guess I did. Actually, I
don’t like her taste in men. So now I probably wouldn’t
want her sexually.
So you’re not a big fan of Puff Daddy?
Gross! Disgusting!
Why do you dislike Puffy so much?
I’m just a big fan of intelligence. That’s my main thing. If
someone doesn’t have intelligence and humor then I’m
not going to get along with you. And Puffy apparently
doesn’t have either. Who knows? I don’t really care. But I
do think Jennifer Lopez is very beautiful.
How would you define your taste in women?
I like women who look like women. I read an interview
with Jennifer [Lopez] where she said “I’m 5’6” and
people say that I’m a full figured women.” To me that’s
just a woman. I just basically think she’s pretty hot! Us
girls with curves have to stick together. Listen to me, I’m
like a size 0 (laughs)!
Yeah, what do you know about curves?
Hey, I got the T and the A! What are you going to do! I
have what you call “Production Value!” I have little stick
legs but the front and the back sticks out so what are
you going to do?
At this point in your career what do you have more of,
friends or enemies?
You know what, there’s a really great line in the new
Oasis album, where [Noel Gallagher] says something
about being more distant from his family but all his
enemies know his name. I thought that was a little bit
apropo. But I’m pretty savvy at this point and I can pretty
much spot a rat anywhere. Are there lots of rats out
there to be found? Yes, but I try not to let them into my
life. I’m what you would call the guard dog at the gate
keeping all the assholes out.
That leads me to my next question. Corey Feldman
seems to have a major problem with you and your
former significant other Marilyn Manson. It wasn’t that
long ago that both you and Feldman had it out on the
Howard Stern Show.
To be honest that was so tragic because I had flown in
and hadn’t slept all night and all of a sudden I’m blind
sided by Corey Feldman. And I was basically just trying
to figure out what the hell he was talking about.
You looked stunned by his anger toward’s you both.
The whole thing was surreal. I mean I was so tired I
was practically hallucinating. I just didn’t feel I was on
my toes that day. I mean I was just sitting there on the
Howard Stern Show listening to this guy yell and scream
about us and the whole time I’m thinking, “What is he
talking about?” And to be honest Chauncé, I still don’t
know what he was talking about.
How do you feel about Corey Feldman today?
I would say he’s not a real big figure in my life.
You’re currently starring on the hit television show
How do you like it?
I love it! It’s really a lot of fun.
Last question. If you could write your own epitaph
what would it say?
Oh dear…. (long pause) That’s too hard for a girl who
hasn’t gotten to eat her take out yet! By the way, that’s
not the epitaph I want!
Tragic… Rose McGowan’s ex manager
ends her life!
The Harvey Weinstein scandal took a tragic turn when
Rose McGowan’s former manager committed suicide
after becoming “collateral damage in an already horrific
story” surrounding the mogul’s battle with the actress.
Jill Messick, a 50-year-old mother of two, worked as
McGowan’s manager in 1997, when McGowan has
claimed she was raped by Weinstein. Messick then went
on to work at Weinstein’s Miramax until 2003, producing
“She’s All That” and “Frida.” She committed suicide on
Wednesday after battling depression and bipolar disorder
for years, her family said.
In a blistering statement, Messick’s family also said she
struggled with being drawn into the McGowan-Weinstein
“Seeing her name in headlines again and again, as part
of one person’s attempt to gain more attention for her
personal cause, along with Harvey’s desperate attempt
to vindicate himself, was devastating . . . It broke Jill, who
was just starting to get her life back on track. What makes
Rose’s inaccurate accusations and insinuations against
Jill ironic was that she was the first person who stood up
on Rose’s behalf, and alerted her bosses to the horrific
experience which Rose suffered.”
McGowan has said that Weinstein raped her after she
got into a hot tub with him in 1997 at the Sundance
Film Festival. Weinstein released a Messick e-mail,
which stated McGowan told her the encounter was
“consensual” but that the actress later regretted the
Messick’s family added of the torrent of claims, “Words
matter. Someone’s life may depend on it.”
The LAPD also sent three Weinstein sex-abuse cases to
the LA County D.A.’s office, making five Weinstein cases
that the office is considering. The mogul has strongly
denied the allegations. Weinstein’s attorney Ben Brafman
declined to comment.
Plus, amfAR chairman Kenneth Cole resigned Wednesday
night after 14 years, following a controversy involving an
agreement to give $600,000 of the charity’s funds from
an auction to Weinstein’s creditors for the failed musical
“Finding Neverland.”

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