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I’m just going to pretend that all is okay in the world. The hourly headline influx of rape, pedophilia, Russia, North Korea, war and kneeling has become depressingly torturous. How much more can go wrong? I’m afraid of the answer.
Like it or not the country has become a shit show, thus it’s hard for me to toss a pumpkin or holiday cheery image on the cover while Rome burns. So while I get featuring an image of a serial rapist as the image for the November issue isn’t in the spirit of the season it has become the cultural persona of America. Indeed, it’s hard to drink up without hearing the name Harvey or Trump or those kneeling heroes/assholes. Dare I say scandal has become the new DJ. Outrage has become the new cocktail. Arguing on Facebook and deleting long time friends is our new sporting event.
However, I’m not a total Scrooge.
I know what time of year it is and this issue–as it does each year–still features the best the holiday’s have to offer in North Jersey. Of course seasonal fashion, gift ideas, winter sports, restaurant, burgers and chef reviews are the MN focus. I just can’t turn a blind eye to the tsunami of gloom and outrage that infest all our minds each and every day. I’m a victim of it just like you guys. Hence, take a good, hard look at the November cover story featuring my interview with famed gossip guru AJ Benza, who personally knows the Hollywood monster himself….Harvey Weinstein. Benza shares his take on Weinstein’s fall from grace with uncensored candor.
With that said, please enjoy a safe and scandal free Thanksgiving. Don’t let the bad news get you down. Take it in stride and enjoy the ride.


Chaunce Hayden

MN Magazine

MN Magazine

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