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Fall is finally here and it’s about
time to get all of your seasons’
staples in line. It doesn’t mean
you have to avoid wearing the
things you wore all summer long
but rather styling them in a cozier
way! Mixing your seasonal pieces
will keep a constant rotation in
your closet so that nothing goes
unnoticed for too long. Try to
throw some of these tips into the
same casual outfit!
Add Fishnets
Large fishnet stockings are super
trendy for fall just as they were
for summer. Keep styling them
with your shorts, your leather
mini’s, and definitely under your
distressed denim.
Denim Jacket
Buy it cropped or oversized, with
patches or embroidery. These
trendy picks stand out so make
sure it’s not too perfect.
Wear Ankle Boots
I was recently shoe shopping online and the
most popular casual everyday shoes are ankle
booties with a slight heel. Comfort is key
(especially when running around the office all
day) but make sure they stand out or have some
unique qualities. Excessive buckles, cut outs,
and fringes are all super popular.
Grab a Slouchy Sweater
We know fall mornings are chilly and afternoons
seem to get really warm. Slouchy sweaters are
going to be the perfect layered addition to any
skirt or distressed pair of denim bottoms.
Throw on a Hat
Nothing is more fall than an oversized hat or beanie. Oversized hat says
trendy, beanie says cozy. Both are great picks!


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