Summer Trend Alert

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don’t know about you but I’m really
excited to be shopping in the midst
everything that reminds me of the late
90’s (and 2000’s) but with a very now
type of feel. Chokers, studs, embroidery,
and lace up details are all of which used
to be my favorite things to try on. Now
they are super easy to find again and I
couldn’t be happier to start restocking
my closet with all of these fresh new
“oldies but goodies.”

Always Denim
Denim on denim on denim. It never
goes out of style so pick up as much of
it as you want. In fact, I’ve been seeing
a ton of ruffled denim on the hangers
and I’m super bummed I had got rid of
my old stuff now that it’s back.
Standout Style Light Blue Chambray Off
The Shoulder Dress, $59

White Broderie
Trim Bardot Dress , $56
Sadie Blush
Multi Floral
Print Romper

Girly Finishes
Ruffles, florals, lace
and lace-up everything,
and don’t
forget about off the
Corset Inspired Details
Throw a small corset belt over a tee or
a button down top, it makes everything
more interesting, I promise.
Run It’s Corset Vegan Leather Belt, $20

This edgy trend has been around forever, we
just never gave it enough credit. See through
everything, but better yet, wear transparent
shoes too!
Lyla, $99.95 (above), Clearer, $109 (below)

Beachy Stripes
There’s just always something so fresh
and new about these stripes. Definitely
take advantage of matching twosies!
Faithful Stripe Bandeau Top ($106)
& Wide Leg Pant ($166)

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MN Magazine

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