In recent years, there seems to have been a “Renaissance of the American Barbershop.”

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Why do you think that is?
Eddie – I remember 15 years ago barbers would cut hair because they had to; it was a job – A factory “feel” even. ‘Get them in, Get them out’ was the motto. I feel as if over the last 5 years there has been an infusion of passion back into our industry. Barbers who love to cut hair are actually enjoying their “job”. I think it has to do with the new generation of barbers who are making it “cool” to cut hair again.
What is the concept behind The StacheHouse?
Lenny – The StacheHouse was originally going to be called ‘The Mustache House’ but we decided to drop the letters M-U to make it sound more modern, original with a twist of retro.
Eddie – We are both family men who work hard to provide for our families. Lenny had a vision to provide quality, classy cuts with an urban feel. I loved what he started and decided to partner up to add what the 8 years of military service gave me – organization, structure and balance.
The StacheHouse definitely has a unique, edgy vibe to it – Is that a reflection of your customer base?
Eddie – We feel as if it is a reflection of it all – the barbers as well as our clients. We each put a little bit of ourselves in our style to make our customers feel at home.

Lenny – I agree with Eddie. The barbers make the atmosphere with the quality of our haircuts. We are diverse in our style and can perform any type of cut just from a simple picture. Our customers help us help them.
Who is your average customer?
Lenny – From the 1 year old who is getting his first haircut to a 90 year old war veteran, we can service them all. Even when they do not know exactly what they want, they leave our chair amazed and very satisfied.
Eddie – It isn’t the customers’ job to know the number clip we use or how exactly we do what we do, that is our job. That is why we like to have a consultation with first time clients to see how they style their hair or what they want their hair to do. The average client tells us to make them look good, which we feel we accomplish every time!
With all the barbers working here, what are the combined years of experience?
Eddie – Oh man. We have been cutting hair for a long time. I have been cutting hair for 18-19 years. Guys, how long have you been cutting for?
Lenny – Sheesh! I’ve been cutting for 20 years.
Los – Wow, it has been 22 years for me.
Robb – I started at 16 years old, so 23 years ago.
Total years of experience 80 plus!
Barbershops have long been looked at as the “social centers” or “cornerstones” of their community – Do you find that to be true here?
Lenny – It is a social center up to a certain extent. We try to treat everyone as if they were our family, always catering to their needs and making sure that everyone leaves happy with an amazing experience.
Eddie – Back in the day guys use to meet up at barbershops to talk about current events and the news; that has not changed. We encourage conversations and people’s opinions. We are a big family here. We still truly feel that barbershops are the cornerstone of our communities.
How has the barbershop experience and prices changed over the years?
Eddie – The barbershop experience has changed tremendously, from adding different services, to expanding on our current ones. We try to give our customers a great atmosphere to relax in while getting a haircut. With that, the prices have started to reflect that experience. I remember when haircuts were $10-$20. These days, that is barely a kid’s haircut.
Barbers and hairstylists have invested in a lot of time and money in their craft to only charge $20. I know barbers who start their services at $30 and up from there. There are also barbers and stylists who start their services at $100. It all depends on what type of client you want to service. Times have changed and so has our industry.
Every generation seems to have a certain “look.” What would you say is the current style trend of this generation?
Eddie – It’s funny how fashion and style trends seem to loop back around every couple of decades or so. This is especially true in hair. We feel as if everybody is trying to look like a 1920’s gangster or a 1940’s army sergeant.
Lenny – This generation loves the classic hairstyles like slick backs and comb-overs to trendier styles like undercuts and man buns. Braids have also popped up in a lot of hair styles lately.
Which celebrity are you asked to copy the most for their look?
Lenny – For me, everybody has been asking for one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s looks. At least he has a couple to choose from!
Eddie – Well for the last 2 years, David Beckham’s haircuts seem to be stalking my chair. Even moms with 2 year olds ask me, “Can you give my son this haircut?” Hahaha!
Let’s talk beards.
Is there a proper way to grow and maintain your beard?
Eddie – Not so much as a proper way to grow your beard but more importantly the proper way to maintain it. You can’t choose the way it grows but you can train it. By washing it thoroughly, brushing it and applying a beard oil and beard balm your beard can look however you want it to look.
Lenny – It depends on how you want your beard to look. Lately bushier beards have been popping up all over. Keeping your beard conditioned and clean is the key to growing it healthy.
What is the craziest thing you have experienced at the shop or the craziest hair style you have ever been asked to do?
Lenny – The craziest hairstyle I’ve seen is a bald head with a tail growing out of the back! Hahaha!
Eddie – Yea on you! Haha! He had that haircut for almost 5 years! Actually recently Robb had a client come in and say he is going to a “Crazy Hair Party” and wanted a wide Mohawk – shaved sides no blend! He loved it! He said he was sure to win!

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