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 Bergenline Ave. in North Bergen, NJ is most commonly known for its eclectic shops, storefronts and eateries, the town delivers a charming balance between old and new, and as you find yourself cruising up and down the Avenue looking for a new place to eat, make your way up to 7709. Where you will see that it is now home to Master celebrity Chef: Salvatore Olivella.

With his very own namesake restaurant: OLIVELLA’S!

For many years, Chef Salvatore Olivella has been perfecting his skill and mastery in the kitchen and has much success working as a consultant perfecting restaurants from Dallas, TX. To New York City, Making sure that each offers his same level of passion and high quality menu items, from appetizers to desserts.

As with any great chef who is passionate about his artistry he is making a bold move and is ready to take on New Jersey to share with all of us locals a fine dining experience right in your own backyard. Don’t be intimidated by the concept of gourmet food because Chef has taken many famous meals and added his own special touch to them making even better.

North Bergen is in for a treat this March 10th, when Olivella’s opens its doors to the public. There will be a grand opening event with celebrities, the Mayor and much more.

Stay up to date with the opening and other news with Chef Salvatore on social media Facebook: Facebook.com /olivellas or Instagram @olivellasrestaurant @olivellapizza. This new addition to the neighborhood will soon become a favorite hot spot for date nights, celebratory dinner, and or any occasion that delights a glass of wine and some gourmet entrees. Even if that just means Tuesday!


First impressions When you walk into Olivella’s you will love the earthy exposed brick wall and high glossed tables, which instantly set itself apart from other local competitors. There is plenty of seating and each seat offers a perfect view of the cooking areas and bar.

The level of music is set perfectly so that still allows you to hold a conversation without having to shout. There is also a TV. mounted up on the wall with closed caption, which is a nice touch to any establishment to equally entertain all bar patrons as well as dining guests.

In the corner behind a modernly rustic bar, adorned with hanging light fixtures, houses a gorgeous wood burning brick oven. Off to the side is the kitchen area, which is an intimate, space but large enough to deliver high class works of art for each guest. Wood added to the fire adds a romantic glow to the room and creates an inviting and comfortable space.

It leads to an extended hall that takes you back into an exciting room with glass ceilings and comfortable seating. This back room area has a lot of design potential and I cannot wait to return to see the final touches.

Coming soon will be an added Upstairs area that will cater very nicely to private groups or parties.

The upstairs area is currently under construction. They are also considering adding in an outside area with a few tables for those hot summer nights. The owners are also in the process of adding a full bar to the restaurants ambiance. No matter what seat you find yourself in, at Olivella’s you are in the right one.

The entire gourmet menu is prepared by: Celebrity Master Chef: Salvatore Olivella, and his talented Sous Chef Lorenzo Robles. Both Professionals in the kitchen and treat every course with grace and eloquence.

Tuna Tar Tar: Appetizer

 Fresh tuna /avocado /topped with salmon freshly sliced peaches.

Very balanced portion, easily shared. This dish has a clean and colorful presentation. Each layer holds its own flavor, and combined create a delicious start to your dining experience. The dish does not exude a fishy taste but a delicious blend of flavors that make this appetizer a house favorite.

Meatball Casserole:

Chef Salvatore brought out this dish personally and performed a magic trick of sorts where he took a miniature jar encased in a flavorful breading that gets sliced open from the top, releasing the aroma inside of an extraordinary red sauce that not only compliments the breading perfectly but also sets the stage for the mouthwatering meatballs that await inside. Each bite is transcendent and my absolute favorite entrée of the night.

Stuffed Chicken Marsala:

This gourmet chicken dish takes a perfectly moist, tender piece of chicken filled with homemade mozzarella made in-house then topped with mushrooms in a hearty brown gravy sauce. Assorted fire roasted vegetables and mashed potato-filled croquettes round off this dish with a nod to traditional classics and gives it a major upgrade.


Playful presentation, each piece coated in powered sugar and topped with a milk chocolate icing drizzle. If you have even been to New Orleans and had this dessert in the French Quarter you will understand fully its heavenly light fluffy texture and warm gooey decadence.

 The first bite of this delicious dessert will totally take over your senses and leave you blushing from sheer delight. You must save room for dessert.

I left Olivella’s full, happy, and absolutely wanting more. I have already made plans for my next return. Here at Metropolis nights we wish them the best of luck and success and look forward to the grand opening event March 10th at 7709 Bergenline Ave. in North Bergen, NJ

 –Jenny Filicky


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