Teppan’s Natasha Ortiz

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1. What inspired you to become a bartender?

I’ve been working in the service industry for about ten years. After that many years bartending seemed like a natural progression. I do really enjoy my one-on-one with my guests. It’s not something you get to experience much as a server because of the hustle and bustle of that job. I’ve formed so many great friendships with many of my guests, heard the most amazing stories and learned many things from the people at my bar. I can say that all those reasons is what inspires me to keep bar tending.
2. What is it like working at Teppan with an Asian cuisine and not being Asian
Working at Teppan has been absolutely delightful and it’s definitely because everyone is Asian! The staff here are absolutely amazing and are always ready and willing to help everyone. That’s not easy to find in this industry. In my experience, restaurants are usually revolving doors and people who work there are just trying to make a buck. Here the staff genuinely wants their guests to have a great time when they walk in and smiles and full bellies when they walk out.

3. How would you describe the ambiance?
Another thing! I learned from working at Teppan is that sushi and hibachi are universal and in turn our clientele is very eclectic. That drives our ambiance. When anyone walks in to our restaurant, they know they’re gonna have a good time.

4. Can you tell us what your signature cocktail is?
My signature drink would have to be a Classic Mojito. I’ve worked at many Cuban restaurants throughout my career and got perfect that drink. Till this day, its probably the drink I make the most of.

5. What should we know about Sake?
Sake is awesome! And every should try it once. One simple fact about sake is that it is made two ways, filtered and unfiltered. Filtered has a clean smooth look and flavor. Unfiltered sake is cloudy from rice sediment and has a more sweeter, fuller taste. Unfiltered is my favorite.

Located at:

319 Warren St,
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 451-9989

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