Hosts the most diverse and wildest New Year’s ever!

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Transmission is located in Jersey City, which is known for it’s diverse culture. How does that impact the scene at the club?
If you’re looking for a scene that is all one type, Transmission is NOT the club for you. We will have a wonderfully diverse group here on New Years! I’ve always maintained that a true night club is by definition a diverse environment. Of all places, clubs are environments where people who are not of the same color, sexuality or beliefs can gather and have a great time.

A shared love of music and dance really can obliterate barriers!
How much does the music impact the way diverse groups of people get along at night in one space?
I’m glad you mentioned that because we moved heavily in the direction of an open format. I’m a huge believer in an open format.

What do you mean by “open format”?
Essentially, it means DJ’s can play whatever the heck they want. They read the crowd and move fluidly between genres. One of the Hallmarks of a great DJ is his or her ability to throw in an unlikely track. That’s what can make the DJ experience so exciting. One minute it’s hip-hop and the next it’s a cool Latin vibe. That can be a bold and very exciting move for a DJ. When he or she pulls it off, it’s amazing. Open format is built for a diverse crowd. A DJ can move from rock, house, new wave, Latin…. whatever!

How difficult is it to keep everybody happy with that type of music direction?
It’s human nature to be comfortable around what we know and love. Music is no exception. I understand that. That’s the challenge. But you pull off a night where the crowd matches the music and it’s magic. It’s worth the challenge. Now more than ever I think a club has an opportunity – perhaps even a RESPONSIBILITY – in this regard. We are in a new era in the United States. Division of cultures is threatening to become acceptable again. If a nightclub can do a little to knock down these barriers creeping into our society, it can be a wonderful thing.

Tell me what you will have going on New Year’s Eve.
We take VERY seriously the responsibility of giving people a special evening. New Years Eve is precious. It is very expensive, if not impossible to club-hop on NYE. So I am grateful for those who place their trust in Transmission. It’s our responsibility as venue owners to deliver.
We have 4 wonderful open format DJ’s. Two in the Lounge and two in the Club Room. I’m offering a 5-hour open bar and appetizers throughout the night. Not to mention a brand new maple wood dance floor that free floats and bounces to the beat of the music. People take dancing very seriously here. We have blokes spinning on their heads! The response has been incredible. I’m also offering new private cabanas. You gotta see these cabanas!

How many people are you expecting on New Year’s Eve?
I reckon we’ll cap the sales at 450. That is a nice number for this space.

We will have large numbers from the black and LBGT community and a lot of friends from Hoboken. The Hoboken community is amazing. They bring such great energy and they’re a great looking bunch! Washington Boulevard is like walking through a Hollister shoot! Not to mention our solid friends from the Jersey suburbs and shore towns who don’t want the drama and hassles of heading to the City! I have a bunch of mates in from Australia too. I’ll make sure they’re on their best behavior!
How many bottles of champagne to you anticipate going through on New Years?
A shit load. Most of them personally! What’s left I’ll sell to the crowd!

What about brunch?
Yes, we have a big New Year’s Day party to follow, but I’m not sure I’ll be there for it!



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