4 Men’s Fashion Trends for 2017

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2017 is poised to be an exciting year in men’s fashion. Not only do we have a new year ahead with plenty of reasons to make a statement, there is also no shortage of stylish trends to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Statement Bomber Jackets
In 2016, we welcomed the return of that ultimate style essential – the bomber jacket. Not since The Fonz and Saturday Night Fever have bomber jackets looked this good. In particular, watch for all-occasions bomber jackets (yes, even dressy black-tie)! The addition of new fabrics, textiles and eye-catching extras will ensure the bomber jacket
remains a closet staple for years to come.
Tan Faux Suede Bomber Jacket, Topman.com | $128.00

Soft Colors
Who says real men can only wear black, navy blue and power grey? The truth is, a real man can wear whatever he wants and pull it off. As early as this year, men’s fashions were still predominantly designed around the traditional “male” color palette, but in 2017 all that will be changing. Say hello to a new and subtler palette that features color ranges rather than staples. Soft stone grey, dusty rose, placid taupe, pale yellow, sunrise orange – these are just a few of the hues that will effortlessly breathe new life into your look.
French Terry Knit Hoodie, Forever21.com | $22.90

Party Like It’s 1999
The 90’s were classic for a reason. In fact, they are still timeless and 2017 will set out to prove it with a new and updated wave of acid wash jeans, grunge casual, varsity wear for all ages and – most importantly – the “dad” baseball cap.
Openingceremony.com, OC Classic Varsity Jacket | $395

Subtle Prints
Bored with bland, one-color ensembles? Then this will be your year for making a new fashion statement with tangible tactile allure. From day one, we will be welcoming in a new crew of graphics designed to add texture and depth to your wardrobe. I’ve been noticing monochrome graphic t-shirts making a comeback on some of my favorite blogs
which add interest and depth to a simpler, understated outfit.
Zara.com, Geometric T-shirt | $29.90

With these four exciting men’s fashion trends to look forward to, you can be forgiven if you have been itching to make some significant upgrades to your style. For more of the hottest men’s fashions trends and tips, visit teztrends.com.

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