Humphrey’s Tavern

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MetNights Tours Historic Humphrey’s Tavern

BY OSSiANA Tepfenhart


Once known as the Glen Gardner Inn, Humphrey’s Tavern is the latest in a long line of restaurants that have occupied the newly restored and updated building. The first restaurant where Humphrey’s now stands was established in 1775, but you’d never know it when you walk inside Humphrey’s! MetNights was lucky enough to stop by and check out Humphrey’s, and also talk to owner Michael Keller about this new venture.

In many ways, Michael Keller’s vision for Humphrey’s Tavern was inspired by the building’s rich history, breathtaking architecture, and innately inspiring ambiance. “I think the building itself is magical. It is almost 300 years old, with tons of character,” he beamed. “The renovation that we completed was very true to the period it was built in. We used a lot of reclaimed materials that accentuated the age and patina of the building.”

Aside from the visually stunning surroundings, the other thing that is glaringly obvious to anyone who drops by is that Humphrey’s Tavern has become a community center in town. No matter when you visit this massive restaurant, it will be busy. No matter where you look, people are enjoying themselves, chatting up a date, and bonding with others over great food. It’s exactly what a great restaurant should be to a community – and make no mistake about it, that was planned.

Much of the reason for Humphrey’s success is the many different events they throw throughout the year. “We do beer dinners featuring local breweries every month or so, and we also do wine dinners,” said Keller. “We also do a psychic lunch with a local medium and healer. That’s very popular, too.”

Though events may get people in the door once in a while, they don’t guarantee a following as loyal as the one that Humphrey’s Tavern boasts. That’s what their delectable food menu and expansive bar menu is for. Fans of savory burgers and other modern classics with a specialized gourmet touch are guaranteed to love the menu put together by chef Larry Cera.
Dishes of particular note include a delightfully crisp Fish and Chips platter, their perfectly shucked Blue Point Oysters, and some of the most juicy, savory Pork Sliders in the area. If you’re looking for a restaurant that offers casual yet sophisticated comfort food, Humphrey’s Tavern is sure to please. Considering that the generously portioned entrees are often under $29, it also happens to be an affordable place for families that want to go out once a week.

Cocktail aficionados, wine lovers, and beer snobs will find a home away from home at Humphrey’s Tavern as well. This is one of the few venues in the area that boasts 16 draft beers at any given time along with a full array of wines by the glass, too. Moreover, Humphrey’s Tavern is proud to have some of the top mixologists in the area and even allows them to create unique seasonal cocktails every couple of months.
Most bar flies agree that it’s the tavern’s local focus that really sets apart their cocktail menu. When asked about the inspiration behind Humphrey’s unique cocktail menu, Michael Keller replied, “I’m proud of all our cocktails. We strive to make them different with local seasonal ingredients when possible, yet drinkability is the deciding factor. They have to be good!”


161 Main St
Glen Gardner, NJ 08826
Phone number
(908) 537-7272



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