Legends Ale House & Grill

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Legends:The New Bar That’s Rocking Roxbury’s Nightlife Scene

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There are very few venues that can seriously claim that they are revolutionizing the way that people are seeing an entire town, but Legends Ale House is quickly rising to that level of reputation. Though it’s only opened in recent times, this full-service sports bar has managed to bring a new flavor of entertainment to Roxbury.
Thanks to the help of Chef Charles Howlett, and owners Joseph Rinaldi and Andrew Gering, along with the restaurant’s other main staff members including Managing Partner/GM Byron Latola. With 25 years experience in the entertainment business, Latola is one of the driving forces behind this new hot spot’s success. Indeed, the crew at Legends boasts a jaw dropping 50 years of experience in the restaurant, bar, and hospitality industries. Gering and Rinaldi earned their experience at major restaurants like the Taphouse and Sushi Lounge, while Chef Howlett learned his ropes under celebrity chef David Drake’s guidance. The end result is a staff that is exceptionally knowledgeable, talented, and passionate about giving guests the very best experience possible at any restaurant venue.

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Legends has everything that you need in order to get a full Brooklyn gastropub experience without actually having to take a train into the city. Their beer menu is exceptionally large, with over 40 different craft beers on tap at any given moment. The beer menu regularly changes from season to season, with beer servers learning about the best pairings for each brew as they enter the rotation. As one would expect from a top quality gastropub, beer is always served cold, with plenty of lacing on ever glass.
Currently, the staff favorite is the Ramstein Dunkel, a rich dark wheat beer that offers full-bodied flavor that perfectly enhances almost any meal. Of course, fans of gastropub fare will love the menus regardless of what beer they decide to choose. Legends Alehouse boasts multiple menus, including a highly convenient late night menu that offers a slew of excellent snacks and munchies that are a perfect choice after a long night of clubbing.

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In terms of food, it’s very difficult to narrow down a single dish that makes Legends legend material. For pizza lovers, the classic New York-style thin crust pizza is a must. Ribs and wings at this bar are easily some of the very best in Northern New Jersey. If you love gastropub fare prepared with fresh ingredients, you will love this ale house’s rendition on bar food classics.
Though all of Legends’s offerings are great, this is one venue that really can call itself a carnivore’s paradise. Outside of Legends, it’s extremely difficult to find a venue that smokes each meat to the point that you can actually see visible smoke rings as soon as you take your first bite. Buffalo wings can be either served smoked or slathered in artisanal sauces, including a spicy yet citrusy Sriracha-Lime sauce. Burgers are jam-packed with decadently juicy meats, and every single bite you’ll take is guaranteed to be cooked to perfection.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning the excellent ambiance and atmosphere that Legends has cultivated. Its 5,000 square foot venue has been fully outfitted with factory-chic décor that is best described as “industrial meets smart casual.” Meanwhile, weekly events like Trivia Tuesdays and Karaoke Wednesdays make it a perfect pick for nights out with friends. The final result is a welcoming yet upscale venue that gives people a perfect blend between Brooklyn bohemian and Hoboken elegance – and that’s exactly what Roxbury needed.



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