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August Sports Report


Ahhh, its August and the dog days of summer are here. While baseball is still the only game in town, attention quickly will start to focus on football. NFL training camps are in full effect and soon we’ll be watching pre-season games to determine our fantasy football want lists. I’ll go full-blown football in next month’s issue with my predictions for our New York Giants and New York Jets. For now, as you prepare for your fantasy football drafts, here are some local players and their fantasy relevancies:

The NO-Brainers:
NYG WR Odell Beckham Jr.- probable first-round pick in most leagues, especially PPR’s; not quite the best WR in the game (Antonio Brown is) but getting close!

NYJ WR’s Brandon Marshall & Eric Decker- personally, I think if Geno Smith ends up as the starting QB, the numbers for this dynamic receiving duo shouldn’t be affected; that being said, IF Ryan Fitzpatrick returns, their numbers go even higher.

NYG QB Eli Manning- we’re now into year 3 of the Eli Renaissance with now Head Coach Ben McAdoo with 2 good years of improving numbers. But NOW he as Sterling Sheppard to throw to as well as 2 legit TE’s in Larry Donnell and Will Tye.

NYG K Josh Brown- yeah, I know you’re snickering right now. BUT every fantasy team needs one so why not one of the most consistent kickers the past couple of years? Plus, as dynamic as the Giants offense should be, they always stall out in the red zone plenty.

NYJ Defense- now I’m not saying to get them early in your drafts. But when your opponents start that inevitable run on D’s mid-way through the rounds, keep them on top of your list.

The Worthy Selections:
NYJ RB Matt Forte- years past, Forte was a first round pick, usually in the top 10-15. While this is not the case anymore, Forte is still a terrific pass-catcher out of the backfield and should be a starter for most of the season. I can definitely see him having a really good year with the change of scenery!

NYG RB Rashad Jennings- ONLY if we’re getting the RJ of the last 4-5 games of 2015 and/or McAdoo and new Offensive Coordinator Mike Sullivan abandon the running back by committee (RBBC) of the old guard, but….(see Cautiously Optimistic Selections)

THE Starting TE of the NYG- if you’re lucky like me and don’t pick your teams until closer to Labor Day, then the football world should know by then WHO the starting TE of the NYG will be. Maybe Larry Donnell? Maybe last year’s rookie sensation Will Tye? The Field- Matt LaCosse, FB Will Johnson et al? The guy who becomes their TE1 should be very productive this year!

Cautiously Optimistic Selections:
NYG RB Rashad Jennings- …the Giants DO employ the RBBC of the Coughlin Era. Jennings, a most-of-the-time starter, loses goal-line carries to Andre Williams while already losing 3rd down touches to Shane Vereen. Also, rookie Paul Perkins is the “anointed” future RB of the team.

NYJ QB Ryan Fitzpatrick- well, if he ever decides to come back to Florham Park. Fitzy is not an every week starter but can be a very good back-up/bye week fill-in type for your bench. He may even have value has a match-up starter against weaker defensive teams

NYG WR Sterling Sheppard- OK, so SS will be productive this season for the G-Men offense. But, there’s always a bit of hesitancy when it comes to rookie WR’s in the NFL. By all means draft him in your leagues but stash him on your bench for a little while until you see how he fits in. Definite bonus if he becomes the starter opposite OBJ.

As always if you have any fantasy football questions, feel free to tweet me @i95sportsnet or @bobbyblackjack. Hold tight sports fans, football is almost here!!!!



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