Bar Bingo

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Metropolis Nights talks to DJ and MC Mike Healey about BAR BINGO and why it’s so freaking popular!

1. You’ve been a big part of North Jersey nightlife for so many years. How has the bar scene changed from when you started?
It’s funny when I was younger we didn’t really have these things called “clubs” we went to bars. It was a cloud of smoke and smelled like a dirty basement but it’s what we loved. Now the club scene has evolved and I don’t know where the kids get the money but for a number of years that’s all they knew. Bars are slowly making a comeback and I think a lot has to do with the restaurant aspect of it.



2. You DJ, host events and MC all kinds of wild bar games. What do you enjoy doing most?
Just in general I enjoy entertaining people. Making someone laugh or making someone’s day by just simply saying a name over a microphone is a high for me.

3. How did you get your start?
In the bingo game I got started by 2 good friends of mine Nico Vasquesz and Slav Godin. Nico had been doing this for a long time and had asked me to take over another venue in Hoboken when he had to start a venue down the shore. I said “sure you got it” not knowing what I was getting myself into. I’ve MCed in front of thousands of people at one time but when you have to add comedy to it I was scared the first couple times.


4. You recently started doing Bar Bingo at Pourhouse 17. What exactly is Bar Bingo?
Bar bingo is just something different that other places in the area don’t do. My business partner Andrew Rosado “DJ AMR” and myself come in and we supply music as well as free bingo game play with awesome prizes to win. Joey from Pourhouse 17 has been the biggest contributor in supplying the prizes from the distributors. Splash in a little comedy from me about my one ab and boom you have bingo.


5. What makes Bar Bingo so popular?
The most thing that makes it popular is that other places don’t do it. If every bar on the area did bar bingo it wouldn’t be popular anymore. Bar bingo has been around for years but more in the summer time at the Jersey shore area. Up here in north jersey you don’t see it a lot. When you can be the only venue in a 20 mile area it’s going to be poplar. Plus I mean come on its me hosting…just kidding.


6. You’re a big guy. How often are you recognized on the street?
(Laughs) It’s funny cause I do get recognized time to time. I get a lot of “hey aren’t you” lol. I was actually doing a wedding not to long ago with Andrew and a young lady walked up to me and says “hey aren’t you the bingo guy” I said “I guess I am” she says “I recognized your voice” I’ve been a little fixture in such a big industry for such a long time that I guess at some point most people have probably seen my goofy ass on a mic someplace.


7. How would you describe a Pourhouse 17 Bar Bingo crowd?
I’ll tell ya, the crowd at Pourhouse 17 is unbelievable!!! It’s such a mixture of age which makes it even better. One of my hashtags is #itsnotgrandmasbingo and my 1st day at Pourhouse 17 the first group of people to come through the door if any of them were under 60 it was a miracle. We get 21 year olds to 70 and they all interact with each other and have a great time. I’ll tell ya one other thing, nothing is funnier then having a 50 to 60 year old lady yelling at you to “shake your balls”

8. How do you keep your energy and love for having a good time going?
The love will always be there the energy not so much at this age. I do so many weddings as well as nightlife that it takes a toll on me from time to time. It’s the passion that I have for this industry that keeps me going. It’s the fact that I can be so tired and worn out that I’ll be back stage or what not 10 minutes before a start time trying to catch 3 minutes of a nap but as soon as the music starts I re-energize and one thing I can always promise is I will perform at 100% no matter the circumstance.

9. What will be the next big thing in nightlife?
Nightlife is always evolving, changing and adapting. I wish I knew the answer cause I would start it now and be the first but as long as it’s not bar bingo in every venue in the area I’m good. I like being different and I’m sure Pourhouse 17 likes it also since they are the only ones doing this in the area.

10. What nights can we find you at Pourhouse 17?
I’m there every Wednesday with DJ AMR for bingo starting at 7:30 but I’m a huge fan of the food there so you can find me earlier stuffing my face lol. I’m also there every Thursday MCing for $1 drafts with DJ Freddie Z.



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