Heather Gonci

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bartender of the month

1. What inspired you to become a bartender?
Bartenders are craftsman, politicians and basically rock stars. I saw bartending as a new fun challenge where I could express my personality, learn a new skill and involve myself in the incredible world of food and beverages, which I have admired all my life.

2. How difficult is it to keep on top of every new craft beer?
There are different beers and breweries popping up every day and it’s almost impossible to know every craft brewery and every beer out there. My favorite way of staying on top of trends and checking out the latest brew is going to restaurants and breweries and sampling them myself. The best part about working at Pier 115 is our craft beer program, we offer a wide variety of beers and have many opportunities to carry special releases or hard-to-find beers which keeps me sharp on my beer knowledge.

3. Tell us something about Pier 115 nobody knows.
Every bite of food you eat, every cocktail or beer you drink at Pier 115 has been either created or inspired by someone who works at the restaurant. There’s a lot of care and attention in every aspect to create an incredible experience for everyone and the fun part is that we share it with you.

4. Do you allow to people to talk politics at the bar?
I know there are certain taboo subjects that are not allowed to be discussed at the bar but I feel that if you handle an adult conversation like an adult it’s fair game. If on the off chance it gets out of hand I can always create a diversion, I have a few tricks up my sleeves for such occasions.

5. They say blondes have more fun. Do blonde bartenders get better tips?
Well we definitely have a lot more fun! I don’t know what it is about blonde bartenders but this one isn’t complaining!



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